Meeting the Government Digital Service (GDS) supplier standard

Written by Alan Ingram on Wednesday, 07 September 2016. Posted in Company news

Recently, the Government Digital Service (GDS) announced the ‘supplier standard for digital and technology service providers’.

The standard - drafted by the GDS and announced at the industry trade body techUK - sets the standard on the best way for government organisations to design, build and buy technology.

The supplier standard has six principles which will govern supplier contracts in the future:

  1. User needs first
  2. Data is a public asset
  3. Services built on open standards and reusable components
  4. Simple, clear, fast transactions
  5. Ongoing engagement
  6. Transparent contracting

Announcing the guidelines at the techUK conference, Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer said: “The new supplier standard is just a starting point. We want suppliers, both current and potential, to take note of the key principles and use them to help in the bidding process for government IT and tech projects.”

In the same speech, Mr Gummer also reiterated the Government’s desire for 33% of digital and technology contracts to be awarded to SME’s by 2020.

At ePC, we have always believed the six principals proposed should form the basis of our client partnerships.

User needs first

From our first contact, ePC work to fully understand the details/rational behind user interactions and requirements for any IT solution. Often, this detail is overlooked in the pursuit of the big-goals.

Data is a public asset

Knowledge can only be created through the assimilation of data, so understanding and guaranteeing the security of that data is crucial.

Services built on open standards and reusable components

Thankfully, the days of proprietary formats and holding data to ransom have passed. Selecting the right components, combined with the foresight to know they will deliver, is what we do.

Simple, clear, fast transactions

While preparation and procedure is necessary to ensure all parties have a clear understanding, we aim to keep this to a minimum. ePC will never stand in the way of a fast transaction.

Ongoing engagement

One of our founding principles is the need for a healthy and ongoing partnership between us and our customers; that’s why it’s in our name. We do not view any sale or workflow automation project as a one-off engagement; we will always have an on-going responsibility to ensure the project continues to be a success and that will require good communication with our partners.

Transparent contracting

We welcome steps taken by legislators that make the technology we develop for government available for other markets. Government schemes such as the Research and Development Corporation Tax Relief have allowed us to invest in R&D for re-usable technological solutions to common business demands.

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Alan Ingram

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