Royal Air Force (RAF) implement TeleForm to measure and evaluate training effectiveness

The RAF delivers the UK Defence Vision and aims to defend the UK and its interests, strengthen international peace and stability and be a force for good in the world.

The challenge

To build on the enormous success of TeleForm and electronic forms (eForms) in measuring training effectiveness and analysing feedback at RAF Cosford, Cranwell and Halton.

The solution

The training validation centre staff receive around 10,000 questionnaires a year to analyse. The training feedback form contain feedback from delegates and the RAF use the information to evaluate training effectiveness and assess how useful their courses are. This process is manual, time consuming and labour intensive.

Considering the size of our organisation, the bureaucracy and the security aspects of working within it, ePC maintained a high-level, adaptable and thorough service. This was a very complex task and the ePC team were approachable and flexible throughout the process.

Flt Lt. Jo Goodwin, RAF Innesworth

ePC were commissioned to update the version of TeleForm and eForms at RAF Cosford, Cranwell and Halton and implement the intelligent forms automation solution at five other British bases in varying configurations. The software was configured with strictly controlled Ministry of Defence (MOD) computer systems.

TeleForm and eForms virtually eliminate manual data entry and increase productivity and improve accuracy.

Users can design a form, publish as HTML, PDF or as a paper document. The latter can be scanned into the TeleForm software for automatic data extraction. Data is quantified, verified and processed. TeleForm has been shown to lower the time and cost of data entry by over 90%.

The results

The products help RAF process, quantify and qualify data very quickly. Most importantly, training feedback can be analysed more efficiently.

Designing, processing and analysing thousands of questionnaires a year requires an effective and efficient data capture system. TeleForm, provided by ePC, has been the central hub to this system for many years - we could not function without it.

Sue Thrower, RAF Cranwell

A one-day introduction to the system and an additional TeleForm training course allowed RAF to activate the systems successfully.

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