eSearch is a dynamic search interface for TeleForm that provides a quick way of searching and matching form data to an existing database.

Whether you need to match names and addresses to the electoral register database, bank account numbers and sort codes using Bank Wizard or simply match forms to your own in-house database, eSearch can integrate the data with TeleForm Verifier.

Sick of looking up people's addresses?

Not everyone makes it easy to be found, people can forget to make a note of their address or simply misspell a post code or road name.

Fortunately, eSearch can match names to addresses to guarantee that details entered are accurate.

eSearch increases the speed and accuracy of forms processing with a simple-to-use interface that integrates with TeleForm.

Key benefits

  • Dramatically reduce data entry time and improve accuracy
  • Ensure data is exported in accordance with Royal Mail guidelines
  • Perform fuzzy searches to find near matches
  • Run eSearch in stand-alone mode, outside of TeleForm
  • Integration with QAS, GB and other off-the-shelf databases
  • Integrate with your in-house database for fast searching and matching.

If you want to learn more about eSearch, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.