Digital transformation in the public sector

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In recent years, Governments departments and public sector organisations have been under pressure to increase efficiency and deliver savings despite unprecedented budget cuts.

At the same time, the digital transformation of Government has accelerated with the introduction of the Government Digital Service (GDS) and the adoption of a ‘Cloud First’ policy which mandated public sector organisations to evaluate Cloud solutions before considering other options.

Consequently, the public sector is increasingly adopting technology including cloud-based Business Process Management software (BPMS) to modernise back-office processes involving data entry and the manual routing of paper forms. Inefficient and manual back-office processes are often the root cause of poor public services.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) frameworks

ePC provide digital solutions across the G-Cloud 11 and Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) 3 frameworks through the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace. These framework awards recognise our continued commitment and excellence when delivering digital solutions to the public sector.

A framework agreement is a type of ‘umbrella’ agreement negotiated with suppliers by Crown Commercial Service (CCS), on behalf of the public sector. Each framework agreement comes with standard terms and conditions which makes it easier for departments and authorities to procure cost-effective, agile software.

As a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier, we provide services under the following Government frameworks:

G-Cloud 11

As an approved supplier on G-Cloud 11 framework, public sector buyers can access our Cloud-based BPM products and services here. G-Cloud 11 aims to simplify the procurement of Cloud services by public sector organisations.

Our products and services on the framework include:

Process Director (Cloud software - Lot 2)

Service ID: 632492986434675

Process Director is an award-winning Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS) platform that manages, automates and reports on your critical tasks to make teams and individuals more productive.

It delivers BPM through an intelligent combination of integrated technologies, including electronic forms processing, business rules engine, workflow, reporting dashboard, business activity monitoring, content management, web portals, application integration and an embedded Software Development Kit (SDK).

Process Director helps the public sector to:

  • Digitalise forms in Microsoft Word or Visual Studio leading to eradication of paper handling and manual routing.
  • Streamline processes by reducing manual data entry and eliminating errors and miscommunication.
  • Automate legacy paper processes with rules-based business logic supporting dynamic workflow routing.
  • Increase process visibility with eMail notifications, dashboards and process intelligence reports.
  • Meet transparency, governance, and compliance requirements.
  • Achieve cost savings by minimising capital, infrastructure and IT expenses.
  • Leverage the ubiquitous access of the Cloud (without sacrificing security).
  • Rapidly address challenges without the delays associated with acquiring or provisioning server hardware.

Typical use cases include: budget approvals, case management, leave requests, contract/supplier management, onboarding and offboarding.

LiquidOffice (Cloud software - Lot 2)

Service ID: 249220129200558

Fully web-based, LiquidOffice is a business process management (BPM) solution for creating, deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes for electronic forms. It encompasses the entire business process management life-cycle, from process design and workflow simulation to deployment and optimisation.

Support services (Cloud support - Lot 3)

Public sector organisations can access our expertise in delivering Process Director (Service ID: 704740927969240) and LiquidOffice (Service ID: 288172472788701) on Lot 2 (Cloud software). Our Cloud support solutions include project specification, project management, implementation, training and technical support.

We are a proven and trusted partner to the public sector; providing Cloud software and support to local councils and NHS trusts. Whether you are interested in Cloud-based software or BPM consultancy, we can provide you with a scalable solution to meet your requirements.

To procure our Cloud software and support services, please visit the Digital Marketplace.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) 3

ePC has been awarded a place on the framework for Lot 1: digital outcomes and Lot 2: digital specialists.

Lot 1: digital outcomes

Digital outcomes suppliers can provide teams to build and support a digital service. An example might be an NHS appointment booking system. We can provide the following specialist teams under Lot 1:

  • Performance analysis and data
  • Service delivery
  • Software development
  • Support and operations
  • Testing and auditing
  • User experience and design
  • User research

Lot 2: digital specialists

Digital specialists’ suppliers can provide individuals to deliver a specific outcome with defined deliverables on a service, programme or project. We can provide the following specialist roles under Lot 2:

  • Business analyst
  • Data architect
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Delivery manager
  • Developer
  • Portfolio manager
  • Product manager
  • Programme manager
  • Quality assurance analyst
  • Service manager
  • Technical architect
  • Web operations engineer

To find an individual specialist or team, please visit the Digital Marketplace.

To discuss your G-Cloud 11 requirements or procure a digital specialist or team, please call 03300 100 000 or visit the Digital Marketplace.

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