Digitalise paper forms with electronic forms software

Replacing outdated paper forms and spreadsheets with feature-rich electronic forms is an essential first step toward digital transformation.

Our low-code electronic forms software enables you to build rich, dynamic web forms in a drag-and-drop interface.

Other platform features include real-time data validation, user authentication, automated workflows, notifications, dashboards, and audit trails for regulatory compliance.

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    Electronic forms - Professional services

    Professional services

    Our professional services team are here to make your implementation as smooth as possible.

    Although the eForms software is a low-code application, our teams create the web forms, workflows, and interfaces for most clients as they lack the internal resources or desire to build the solution themselves. Typically, we will conduct a ‘discovery phase’ to gather requirements before building a fully operational, bespoke solution for you.

    Whether you prefer to build the system internally or need our professional services team to deliver a customised solution, we can help you digitalise paper forms and automate manual tasks in a few weeks.

    Create electronic forms

    Accurate data capture

    Create electronic forms

    Create rich, interactive electronic forms in an intuitive form builder to gather and display information. No coding knowledge is required.

    Simply drag and drop controls (e.g., input boxes, checkboxes, date/time pickers, sliders, ratings, dropdown lists, radio buttons and switches) onto the page. Users can show/hide and protect/unprotect fields or entire sections as well as make them mandatory/optional or empty/pre-populated.

    For end-users, invalid form fields are automatically highlighted for correction with data validated on input or form submission – even against external data sources.

    Flexible forms

    Flexible forms

    Eliminate spreadsheets and manual routing by creating electronic forms and user interfaces using easy-to-use tools.

    Smart forms

    Smart forms

    Show or hide form sections, lock fields, pre-fill data and set mandatory fields, all based on conditional rules.

    Integrated sanity checks and configurable rules

    Integrated sanity checks and configurable rules

    Highlight invalid fields and automatically validate data on input/submission to ensure approvers have the correct information to make their decisions.

    Submit forms for approval

    Submit forms for approval

    Take advantage of workflow automation capabilities to route completed forms through approval, rejection, clarification and review workflows.

    Display real-time data

    Display real-time data

    Show data such as costs and budgets as well as KPIs, statistics, and trends.



    Automatic multi-lingual translation of forms and user interfaces.

    Currency conversion

    Currency conversion

    All figures are shown in your local currency and global currency.

    Standardised form templates

    Standardised form templates

    Create consistent and re-useable form templates to comply with corporate policy.

    Add attachments

    Add attachments

    Add attachments of any format (XLS, JPG, DOC etc.) to support the form submission.

    Printable PDF

    Printable PDF

    Printable PDF generation of the complete form, including attachments.

    Save for later

    Save for later

    Users can save partially completed forms and submit them later when further information is available.

    Form locking

    Form locking

    Once a form has been submitted, the form will be locked down with users no longer able to edit or modify the data.

    Predicted authorisation path

    Predicted authorisation path

    Show the estimated approval steps once a form has been submitted.

    Comment log

    Comment log

    Enable authorised users to add time-stamped notes to a form. These Q&As and comments are visible to executives later in the approval chain.

    Automated workflows

    Electronic forms with workflow

    Automated workflows

    Electronic form processing without workflow is simple data collection.

    In a point-and-click interface, the optional workflow automation component allows you to model the approval path for submitted forms based on the business rules you configure.

    Web workspaces

    Monitor business processes

    Web workspaces

    The system is web-based and accessed through intuitive web workspaces. Users will be assigned a bespoke web portal tailored to their role (e.g., Initiator, Approver, Administrator) where they can:

    • Initiate forms
    • View assigned tasks
    • Review the current status of active forms
    • Locate archived form submissions

    The web workspaces include a settings page for administrators to create, edit and delete user accounts for the system.

    Additionally, configurable dashboards provide real-time visibility into your forms and workflows. They graphically display metrics about your business processes such as KPIs, status, trends, and user/process performance. This means they can discover process bottlenecks and intervene, if needed, to keep things running smoothly.

    Once the process is complete, you can export data to pre-defined Excel templates, other common formats, or third-party systems via a powerful API.

    Additional features/benefits

    24/7 audit tracking

    Reduce risks and improve traceability with 24/7 audit tracking, user access permissions, and more. System access is authenticated with user actions fully logged and auditable.

    Single sign-on (SSO)

    Support for SAML-based authentication for SSO with your existing corporate user directory. Integrate with directories such as on-premise Active Directory and cloud-based Azure Active Directory.

    Data encryption

    The system uses standard web security protocols (such as HTTPS over TLS 1.3) to encrypt data in transit and can be configured to apply multiple layers of encryption to data at rest.

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

    Integration with industry-standard identity and authentication platforms, such as Azure Active Directory, allows for MFA to be incorporated within the user logon process.

    User accounts

    Named user accounts or all users allow for granular security permissions and activity tracking to be applied.

    Full auditing of account delegation for when a user is away from the office.

    Low-code development

    A graphical WYSIWYG interface empowers users to build feature-rich digital forms and model processes with point-and-click tools, customisable templates, and pre-built data connectors.

    Flexible hosting

    Maintain control with an on-premise installation or host in the cloud (Public/Private cloud).

    Our cloud-hosted option (with a 99.9% uptime guarantee) includes ongoing technical support and maintenance with system updates/enhancements automatically rolled out to users.

    UK and worldwide data centres

    Our data centres are UK-based and fully compliant with UK GDPR.

    If you prefer, we can host your electronic forms software within the Microsoft Azure global infrastructure, allowing you to keep your business-critical data in any region and comply with relevant legislation.

    Collaborative document management

    Centralised control, security, and management of documents.

    Collaborate (document authoring/markup) simultaneously on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

    Powerful API and SDK

    For ultimate power, create electronic forms and tasks within Visual Studio using the .NET-based SDK or integrate with external systems via web services.

    Mobile forms

    Online forms can be fully responsive and automatically resize to work on smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

    eMail notifications

    Alert users when tasks are assigned to them and notify, escalate, and reassign the task if timely action is not taken.

    Hybrid data capture

    Offer multiple completion options by converting paper-based forms from TeleForm into electronic forms.

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      We love the simplicity of the system. The actual form has not changed much. You now complete it online. It still captures all the same information. Crucially, the quality of submitted requests has improved as certain fields are auto-filled, calculated automatically or contain rules such as a mandatory field or display a warning if certain conditions are not met. We’ve made the process tighter and more consistent.

      Nick Taylor, Finance Director, Millennium and Copthorne Hotels Plc

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