eScan - remote scanning software

Paper documents are still an integral part of our everyday working life. Yet the wealth of legacy information tied up solely in paper files nowadays means it is difficult to find the information you want – when you want it.

eScan is a web based .NET application which streamlines business processes by converting paper-based information into high-quality digital files that can be indexed, stored, accessed and shared within your business.

How it works

A document scanning module will install and/or launch via a web portal to provide users with scanning, reconciliation, error rectification and transmission of scanned images back to the web portal. Once installed the user will be able to select any installed TWAIN compliant scanner before capturing the paper image and converting into digital form.

The image will be subjected to real-time tests during the scanning phase, examples of which are shown below:

  • Confirm the page size and resolution for data extraction
  • Validate the image is black and white to guarantee best use of available bandwidth
  • Apply custom rules to batches
  • Remove any blank pages
  • Review presence and readability of barcodes
  • Check orientation and rotate if necessary
  • Confirm presence of cornerstones
  • Review variable shade bar for expected thresholds to confirm scanner brightness settings
  • Check the batch for duplicate pages
  • Confirm no partial forms with missing pages are present

A traffic light colour system alerts users to problems with scanned images when one of three statuses (ok, warning or error) are returned.

Once the operator has finished scanning and no errors are reported, the images are uploaded to the web portal, indexed and stored in an electronic archive such as a file store, a database or in eStore.


  • TWAIN compliant - the user will be able to select any installed TWAIN compliant scanners
  • Automated scan quality check - real-time tests to confirm barcode readability, page size, presence of cornerstones etc.
  • Traffic light system - alerts user to problems with scanned image
  • Simple installation and maintenance – one click installation with automatic updates
  • More space - paper storage becomes a thing of the past with digital content releasing valuable floor space and ending reliance on third-party archiving.

If you want to learn more about eScan, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.