Address management software from Experian QAS

Experian QAS is a leading supplier of address management software and data accuracy solutions.

Easily find the correct address

Available as an interface with our forms processing solutions, QAS will find, verify, and standardise addresses captured from both paper and electronic forms.

The address finder software cleans and enhances the integrity of name and address data. Combined with eSearch, it reduces the risk of a contact record being spelt incorrectly or entered inaccurately into your database, meaning you save money and improve customer service.

Experian QAS can be tailored to suit any industry specific requirement and offers a wide range of data sets to enrich your data. Common examples include the Postcode Address File (PAF®) from the Royal Mail, the Gone Away Suppression (GAS) file and SIC codes with additional data sets available to gather more accurate and effective information. Regular monthly or quarterly updates are available to help you capture the most up-to-date data.

Integration with forms automation software

QAS address checker is embedded into our forms automation solutions via easy to integrate APIs.

Through a simple integration, TeleForm users can access the QAS address management tools from inside the Verifier module to check whether a name is correct and up-to-date for a given address.

At the recognition stage, if the form fields are read correctly, the data is queued for export. However, if a scanned paper form is found to contains errors or QAS cannot locate an exact address match, it is flagged for human verification. At this stage, an operator will logon to a workstation to correct or confirm misread characters and perform fuzzy address searches to find the correct or nearest address match.

Electronic forms processing with Experian QAS

When completing a TeleForm eForm, the integration with QAS makes it easy for people to fill-in the form as address look-ups and fuzzy address matching is performed on input meaning users can only submit accurate data.

In addition to QAS, our solutions can interface with Bank Wizard, GBG, credit reference agencies and more.

QAS is sold as part of a TeleForm or ABBYY based forms processing solution. Please visit the Experian website to purchase QAS directly.

If you want to learn more about address management software from Experian QAS, please contact us.