Surgical & Interventional Trials Unit (SITU) use TeleForm to capture and verify patient feedback

  • Clinical Trials Group - Post Clinical Trial Questionnaire
    Clinical Trials Group - Post Clinical Trial Questionnaire

The Clinical Trials Group’s (CTG) prime activity is to provide infrastructure for running large scale multi-centre, multinational randomised controlled trials. The CTG also advises on randomised controlled trials methodology, and is a think-tank for promoting ideas on evidence-based medicine.

The challenge

CTG required electronic data capture (EDC) system to manage follow-up information from patients involved in clinical trials.

The solution

Clinical trial patients make regular follow-up visits to a doctor who completes a patient feedback form either electronically or on paper. If a paper form is completed and posted back to the CTG, it is scanned into TeleForm, which checks it for errors.

If errors are found, the solution can convert the form into an electronic form (eForm) and email them back to the doctor for correction. Corrections only take a few seconds adjusting only the incorrect data and then the completed form re-submitted to TeleForm.

With the optional TeleForm eForm module, users can complete forms electronically on screen, using an HTML or PDF web form. This removes the need for TeleForm users to have to manually correct handwritten forms while speeding up data acquisition and providing a more flexible way for users to complete forms. The only client side requirement is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which comes pre-installed on most new PCs and a modern web browser.

The TeleForm Auto Merge Publisher (AMP) can also be used with eForms to “pre-fill” key data (e.g. personal contact information) on to the form, so that the user only needs to enter the requested specific information.

The results

The electronic data capture (EDC) system enables CTG to ensure they get the most from the time of their medical professionals, and that the patient feedback is updated in an efficient and timely manner.

ePC are making a valuable contribution to our aim of running clinical trials in an efficient and cost effective manner

Dr. Ingrid Potyka, Senior Clinical Operations Manager, UCL

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