Building Research Establishment (BRE) implement LiquidOffice to automate supplier certification service

BRE is an independent and impartial, research-based consultancy, testing and training organisation, offering expertise in every aspect of the built environment and associated industries. BRE helps clients create better, safer and more sustainable products, buildings, communities and businesses - and supports the innovation needed to achieve the goal.

The challenge

BRE sought to develop an automated certification service. The aim was to provide an enhanced service to their clients; they needed an business process management solution. This would capture data from credited suppliers who can demonstrate that their products and services meet the appropriate standards.

The solution

LiquidOffice eForms allows suppliers and manufacturers to register themselves and their products in an accessible but secure environment. BRE publish password-incorporated registration forms for access whilst maintaining the safe knowledge that all data is securely stored on the in-house servers.

Suppliers fill out a series of product assessment forms that contain custom verification rules and routing intelligence to locate the person or application that requires the data submitted. BRE staff can then work with the submitted data to generate reports for purchasers.

The results

The overall process is fast, accurate and on brand. It is created and managed by departmental users, removing the need for IT development when creating new forms and processes.

The ability to assimilate data quickly and report accurately allows purchasers to avoid costly mistakes or risk, whilst enabling certified suppliers to access and sell into new markets.

LiquidOffice has enabled us to provide both an elegant and robust solution to our problem. It compares more than favourably to other applications I have used and if asked, I would highly recommend it

Lorna Hamilton, Senior Statistician, BRE

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