Monarch Recruitment automate supply teachers' school placement with timesheet software

Monarch Recruitment is one of the UK’s largest and most successful specialist recruitment consultancies. Monarch focuses primarily on three recruitment sectors: IT, Teaching and Earth Science Oil & Gas placements. The teaching recruitment sector is highly active, handling thousands of temporary and permanent teaching placements each week.

The challenge

Monarch Recruitment required timesheet and attendance software to manage temporary teacher placements. Temporary education staff are normally required last minute to stand-in for absent teachers. Schools will contact Monarch Recruitment to arrange teacher placement bookings with little notice. Once the teacher has been notified and the booking agreed, timesheets need to be distributed to the school to record the temporary teacher’s activities.

Following completion of the placement period, teacher timesheets need to be sent back to Monarch Recruitment to ensure schools are invoiced and teachers get paid.

A robust process is required to ensure that pay and bill systems use agreed rates. Timesheet processing requires a rapid and highly accurate data capture software which links both booking and accounting systems.

The solution

The core timesheet processing system is built around OpenText's text recognition software TeleForm and Equisys ZetaFax.

Booking information is exported from Matchmaker and the system picks up and determines how to distribute timesheets to schools – by fax or eMail. All booking details are merged directly onto the timesheets to ensure data validity when received back via fax.

TeleForm performs advanced handwriting and printed text recognition on the returned fax timesheets while ensuring that details are valid and free from duplicates. Once each timesheet is processed, an automated SMS message is sent directly to the teacher to inform them that their timesheet has been processed and they are due to be paid.

Figure 1: Monarch Recruitment timesheet processing system


Exporting the timesheet data and images from the ePC system allows invoices to be generated, complete with attached timesheets as proof of delivery.

Your ability to deliver results is second to none and your eMails always brighten my day as I know operational efficiencies are being created!

Mark Childe, Financial Controller, Monarch Recruitment

For timesheets returned late, the eFlex application is configured to send automated reminder eMails to booking staff, SMS text messages to teachers and generate weekly reports for Monarch management.

If you want to learn more about timesheet processing for recruitment agencies, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.

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