Sales order processing

The creation of a unique and memorable customer buying experience - in store and online – will deliver customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Your challenges

Unfortunately, sales order automation is often manual, labour intensive and time-consuming involving different people and departments. The order management process is prone to human error, for example orders entered incorrectly or failure to expedite a next day delivery. Other issues - outside of your control - may arise too, such as problems with the supply chain.

To facilitate a seamless user experience, organisations need to automate a series of processes from order confirmation and payment processing to integration with internal systems and stock replenishment.

Our solution

Our sales order processing solutions allows users to design, automate and track their sales order processing, allowing them to complete this business critical processes faster whilst reducing errors and increasing visibility to those who need it.

Key benefits

  • Automated order processing with inventory checked and shipping and invoicing rules defined
  • Shorter processing times leading to increased customer satisfaction

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