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Automate capital expenditure approval processes with workflow software

Capital expenditure approval requests represent the most important decisions taken by a company often involving substantial outlays, detailed business cases and lengthy approval cycles with multiple stakeholders. It’s a complex process so why rely on paper-based processes?

If the CapEx request approval process in your organisation is still manual, you are potentially missing out on huge efficiency gains.


Existing user directories, accounts systems, ERP and portal systems make the task of automating even a seemingly simple process out of reach to many departments. And that is before the workflow, rules and authorisation limits have been mapped out, which can all combine to make the upgrade from paper to electronic seem unmanageable, expensive and never ending.


Drawing on our experience, we will automate your capital expenditure approval process using the Process Director BPM platform. The solution will replicate - and improve - your paper-based process to provide greater visibility, automation and tracking of your CapEx spending.

Significant cost savings will be derived from tighter spend control, harmonisation of processes across departments and geographies, eradication of procurement overlap, improved utilisation of existing equipment/capital, and the ability to leverage bulk-buying power.

How it works

Key benefits

  • Improved CapEx control
  • Common capital expenditure approval process across your organisation
  • A standardised CapEx, OpEx and purchase order (PO) approval workflow
  • Real-time visibility of capital expenditure request and justification forms, approvals and tracking
  • Financial transparency of capital expenditure approval request forms
  • Scalability to roll-out to other departments
  • Automation and reduction in paper-based processes
  • Formalised CapEx governance procedures
  • Leveraging the scale of your business – preferred suppliers and utilisation of business equipment/capital
  • Cost savings from centralised visibility and improved control
  • Quick and nimble deployment process
  • Increased visibility from the top down for financial transparency
  • More visibility from the bottom up for better user confidence
  • Standardised capital expenditure request and justification form

You can also visit our eCapEx microsite for further information.


  • Millennium Hotels
  • Aman Resorts
  • Rentokil Initial

    Example CapEx request forms

    Aman Hotels - Capex Approval Form

    Aman Hotels - Capex Approval Form

    Millennium Hotels - Capex Spending Approval (Endorsement Tab)

    Millennium Hotels - Capex Spending Approval (Endorsement Tab)

    Millennium Hotels - Capex Spending Approval (Supporting Tab)

    Millennium Hotels - Capex Spending Approval (Supporting Tab)

    Rentokil Initial - Capital Expenditure Request

    Rentokil Initial - Capital Expenditure Request

    Case studies


      • stars

        As an IT support group, we offer our business colleagues choices. The decision to select Process Director/Cloud Edition was made by the Divisional CFO, as the prototype of the CapEx process worked to his satisfaction. From an IT perspective, we were also genuinely pleased with the pilot.

        Chris Broe, Group Chief Information Officer, Rentokil Initial

      • stars

        We love the simplicity of the system. The actual form has not changed much. You now complete it online. It still captures all the same information. Crucially, the quality of submitted requests has improved as certain fields are auto-filled, calculated automatically or contain rules such as a mandatory field or display a warning if certain conditions are not met. We’ve made the process tighter and more consistent.

        Nick Taylor, Finance Director, Millennium and Copthorne Hotels Plc

      • stars

        I have been really impressed by the speed with which this capability has been developed and how flexible it has been to meet our requirements.

        Hilton Hess, Finance Director, Initial

      • stars

        ePC offers a strong technical knowledge of BP Logix Process Director, and the ability to understand complex business processes. We consider the company a premier resource for BPM implementations using Process Director.

        Jay O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer, BP Logix

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