Summerleaze reduce manual data entry with TeleForm

Founded in 1928, Summerleaze is a privately-owned company, whose origins are in the field of mineral extraction. The company has since diversified into fields such as waste management and renewable energy.

The challenge

Summerleaze required an accurate and reliable change monitoring system to gather data from 20 electricity generation sites. Changes in engine output were fundamental to weekly reporting and optimising performance. Historically, a manual process involved onsite contacts faxing or posting a form. Summerleaze wanted to see a reduction in manual data entry and human errors and accelerate processing times.

The solution

ePC installed TeleForm to automate the process of logging changes in engine output. TeleForm Desktop is a single-user departmental workstation solution designed to meet the needs of project-oriented applications.

TeleForm provides a robust framework for capturing images and data from forms and other documents. TeleForm automatically recognises or classifies the document type and reads the hand-print, machine print, optical mark, barcodes and signatures virtually eliminating human intervention and errors.

The results

TeleForm delivers accuracy and quality control from the moment a document enters the system. It easily identifies and corrects content incongruities. Export connectivity was another clear benefit. With Summerleaze operating a bespoke system with MySQL as the backend database, the system could be configured to export data via ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) However, data was exported to an XML file and integrated into the existing system.

Furthermore, no training was required with employees at Summerleaze able to set-up the software, connect to the database and archive products - without programming knowledge.

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