LiquidOffice electronic forms (eforms) software

LiquidOffice eForms are a great way to take your paper forms to the next stage in the evolution of forms capture. Fully supporting your existing TeleForm paper forms with a modern eForm design application for new forms, it is a simple and rapid process to publish your existing paper forms or new ones as HTML and PDF online forms. LiquidOffice eForms provide the complete infrastructure needed to put form and document processes online.

Public Internet users or named staff can complete forms while taking advantage of integrated lookups and pre-filling from your existing data systems. Intuitive field types, auto-completing forms, dynamic prompting and question handling make the process much simpler for the end-users.


Submitted electronic forms can be part of ad-hoc or pre-defined routing processes for authorisation, approval or full workflow and flexible exports into existing business applications. These processes are designed using the Process Designer, a powerful graphical design application that includes simulation and load testing tools, alongside a Java and JavaScript development environment.

In addition, LiquidOffice ensures compliance by transparently creating an audit log of all activities and provides the security of both HTML and PDF digital signature support.

Key benefits

  • Rapid return on investment - eliminates waste associated with manual processes, printing and storing
  • Increases employee productivity - standard web browsers give users 24/7 access to dynamic forms with intelligent features, including auto-fill profile fields, automatic routing and line-of-business connectivity
  • Reduces operational costs - adds automated business rules to corporate forms, eliminating redundant administrative tasks
  • Eliminates data errors - incorporates database validations, calculations and other intelligent eForm features
  • Standards based - architecture enables connectivity to back-end databases and line-of-business applications.

LiquidOffice eforms software provides businesses and government organisations with a solution that automates all aspects of form-driven processes, with many optional features such as:

  • Anonymous public access or named user licensing
  • Grant users the ability to save partially completed forms offline
  • Blackberry support for process participation
  • Route forms to anonymous users via eMail
  • Case management with dynamic packets
  • Business activity monitoring.

If you want to learn more about LiquidOffice eForms, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.