TeleForm FAQ's

Remote working

How to access TeleForm Workgroup when working from home

Server specification

What are the minimum system requirements?

What is the server's function?

How much memory do I need?

How much hard drive space is required?

How fast should my computer run?

What version of windows is needed?

What version of SQL server is necessary?

Workstation specification

What is the recommended specification for TeleForm Workstation?

What size monitor should I use?

How much memory do I need?

What are the hard drive requirements?

TeleForm backup

How do I backup TeleForm?

So, TeleForm can't be backed up?

What should be backed up?

Is there really no way of backing up TeleForm?


I need to purchase a scanner for TeleForm. What do you recommend?

How to clear a paper jam in your scanner

Choice fields

What are TeleForm choice fields?

How does TeleForm recognise whether a choice is ticked or not?

What happens if a single-choice field has too many marks?

How are choice values exported to a database?

Comments fields

How do I capture data from comments fields?

Is the captured data worthwhile?

Design tips

I want to design a new form. Can you provide some design tips?

Are there any guidelines on 'required free space' or 'exclusion zones' around cornerstones?


Why use look-ups?

How do I configure a field to use a lookup?

Data import/export

I want to send the form design to someone else but I can't find the document on the system!

I need to send a copy of the form to my printers for a bulk print run. Do I need to export it?

How do I export a copy of the form design template from TeleForm?

How do I import a form design template into my TeleForm system?

Data Auto Exports

What is a TeleForm Auto Export?

How do I set-up an Auto Export?

Can I export data to Sage?

Data merges

What is a data merge?

How do I set-up a data merge?

Can I merge data to eForms the same as paper forms?


What is TeleForm scripting?

How does it work?

How to create .NET scripts?

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