Workflow automation

Although simple data capture processes may consist of electronic forms (eForms) with data exports, it is often necessary to pass form data from one participant to another for authorisation, additional information or review. Other actions such as decisions, web services, eMails and escalations are typical functions of workflow design and simulation.

Traditional sequential workflows

We have design options for traditional step-by-step workflow automation. This is ideal for most requirements such as expense claims, customer requests and IT support handling.


Process Timeline™ - the revolutionary BPMN alternative

We can also provide unique process design within Process Director, through a Gantt chart style interface called Process Timeline™. More than a new interface, it is a whole new way of thinking about processes, ideally suited to processes with many parallel tasks such as new staff onboarding.


What continues to set Process Director apart from its BPM and Case Management software competitors is the Process Timeline™ — an executable process model that presents a Gantt-chart oriented notation. The Process Timeline captures time as a formal process dimension in ways not possible with other models. For example, although both BPMN and CMMN support “timer” events for setting deadlines and triggers, what they cannot do is capture – in any formal way – either elapsed time nor anticipated impact on completion time resulting from unplanned events

Nathanial Palmer, Principle Analyst, bpm.com

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