Automate workflows and repetitive tasks with Process Director

Process Director is the only BPM software to offer two web-based workflow designers for building and executing your automated workflows:

  • A traditional flowchart model for linear workflows
  • The patented Process Timeline, a BPMN alternative for highly parallel and exquisitely time-aware workflows.

Additionally, you can combine linear workflows and advanced Process Timeline to create rich, sophisticated processes that take advantage of the strengths of each model as needed.

Key features

  • 100% web-based graphical interface
  • No programming required
  • Rules-based business logic supporting dynamic workflow routing
  • Due date and duration management with escalation
  • Advanced workflow processing (sub-workflows parallel processing, conditionals, reminders)
  • Fully auditable

Workflow automation

When thinking of automated workflows, most people think of flowcharts that link one step after another into a chain. Many business processes work well when thought of this way and Process Director allows you to represent a string of events in a flowchart with design principles such as decisions, parallel steps, loops, approvals, notifications etc.


Workflow definitions in Process Director are created in a graphical interface, and consist of a series of logical steps, each of which are linked by branches to the previous and subsequent steps. The workflow defines the path or route that a form or document must take. Each step in the workflow path defines the task type, the participants, and the rules that govern how the workflow will advance or transition through each possible branch to the next step.

Designers who model business processes can implement branching, recursion, parallel and/or serial tasking, and essentially unlimited levels of approval or user tasking.

Every Process Director task can be configured to trigger escalations (automatic reassignment to another user, such as a supervisor) and notifications (with configurable frequency and recipients).

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BP Logix Process Director is a low-code workflow automation platform, driven point-and-click configuration, not complex programming efforts.

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