Business process management and workflow solutions

Whether you're training a new employee, raising a PO or initiating an IT change request, every activity you undertake in the workplace is part of a process. These processes need to be followed consistently, be simple to understand and maintain their history for audit purposes. And they need to be lean and agile to create competitive advantage and filter out inefficiencies. All too often however, these processes are paper based and involve manual data entry.

Modern workflow technology is going to be extremely important to our business as we strive to standardise and streamline processes across the globe. This has been a very impressive first attempt but the really interesting part now is; what else can we do with this capability?

Chris Broe, Group Chief Information Officer, Rentokil Initial

Fortunately a solution is at hand. At ePC, our business process management (BPM) software helps optimise departmental processes, eliminate unnecessary costs and benefit the very heart of your business.

Any process that requires human interaction would benefit from being mapped out and improved through careful design and workflow simulation. Once optimised, it can be deployed for employees, suppliers and customers to perform their parts, with automated alerts, comprehensive reporting and audit trails providing a hassle free, efficient and compliant experience for the user.

In this section, find out about our approach to workflow automation and business process management:

Electronic forms

To design responsive electronic forms to gather and display information

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Workflow automation

To graphically model a rejection and clarification workflow to handle the automated routing of the web form and set up eMail notifications

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Business rules engine

To rapidly build business rules based on your organisation’s procedures/processes/policies and embed them into forms and workflows

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Application integration

To connect to (and exchange information with) third-party, in-house applications and databases via built-in connectors

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Business activity monitoring

To provide real-time visibility into your processes, discover bottlenecks and intervene if necessary

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Audit trail

To reduce risks and improve traceability with 24/7 audit tracking, electronic signatures, user access permissions, and more. System access is authenticated with user actions fully logged and auditable.

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