University of Wales design questionnaires and verify feedback with TeleForm

The University of Wales is based in Cardiff, Wales. Founded in 1893, it accredited institutions throughout Wales, and validated courses at institutions in Britain and abroad, with over 100,000 students.

In 2011, it was announced the university would merge with Swansea Metropolitan University and University of Wales: Trinity Saint David to form a new institution which will be known as University of Wales: Trinity Saint David.

TeleForm was the best thing to use for the project, as we scanned over 8,000 questionnaires into SPSS. There were many questionnaires piling up on my desk as we would not have been able to input the questionnaires by hand, scanning them was the only option. The designing of the large questionnaires was easy using TeleForm Designer and when the forms had to be verified, it helped a lot as everyone writes differently so sometimes we could not read their writing and the TeleForm Verifier helped with this.

Judy Williams, University of Wales

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