Application integration

At ePC, we understand the importance of identifying boundaries and helping you bridge them when integrating your processes and workflow software with other systems.

Most integration is achieved with built-in wizards, such as data exports or field lookups and pre-filling. However, occasionally it is required to create more complex integration in the form of SQL queries, scripting or 3rd party components.

I have been really impressed by the speed with which this capability has been developed and how flexible it has been to meet our requirements

Hilton Hess, Finance Director, Initial

Our business process management (BPM) software enables you to:

  • Populate drop-down lists with dynamic values from your system, dependent on other field selections
  • Interrogate your line-of-business systems to return relevant information
  • Convert forms and documents into PDF files for archival in your records management system
  • Write script for complex and powerful functions
  • Send or retrieve data with 3rd party XML and SOAP web services
  • Integrate your work queues or users web desktops into Outlook or web portals.

If you want to learn more about our solutions, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.