Accessible by web browser, eVerify displays a scanned image of any field or form needing review, with operators able to make instant decisions on borderline characters.

Operators can confirm the intended responses or correct misread characters and fields with minimal keystrokes before moving onto the next image. If a page is unreadable or insufficient quality, a re-scan can be requested.

Batch management

Upon logon, operators are presented with the batches management page. By default, this shows the oldest batches first and only batches requiring review. The operator is able to search by unique reference number and/or scanning centre to find batches.

Screen overview

  • BatchID – unique identifier that links to the batch for review
  • Info – toggle details of scanning session including scanner name, workstation and operator
  • Images – the number of images in the batch
  • Forms – the number of forms in the batch. One form may consist of multiple images
  • Needs review – the number of images needing review
  • Supervisor – the number of images escalated to supervisor
  • Complete – the number of images ready for export
  • Exported – a checkbox denotes when images have been exported
  • Centre – the name of the scanning centre
  • Scan date – the date the scan was uploaded
  • Age – denotes the length of time the image has been awaiting review

Batch verification

When the operator selects a batch, they are presented with a verification screen which shows each image in a batch for review.

The right-hand pane shows the current image, with the ability to manually click through multiple pages if any exist. The left-hand pane is divided into two sections; the top section displays form details and the bottom section shows fields that require verification.

By default, only fields that are uncertain or do not meet your business rules are shown to the operator. This may simply be an unclear character due to poor handwriting, or it may be an invalid response. For example, an invalid date or two checkboxes selected when only one is permitted.

As each character or field is corrected by the operator, the cursor automatically moves to the next character or field needing review. This increases productivity and makes verification a quick and simple process requiring minimal keystrokes. If more detail is needed to make a decision on an ambiguous field, operators can hover over images to zoom in.

If available, verified fields can also be matched to database data; for example, a clinical case report form (CRF) could be linked to a patient record based upon a verified NHS number, or an exam candidate matched to booking data. This database linking not only ensures accurate data is exported but it can also make duplicate detection an integral part of the process.

If a duplicate image is detected, both images are shown with the operator able to make a decision about the image (retain, re-assign, discard or append the duplicate to the first image).

Keyboard driven, the system uses the concept of ‘hot keys’ to improve operator productivity. Each on-screen button is assigned to a hot key that users can select with either the mouse or keyboard.

Once the batch of images have been reviewed and the data meets your defined rules, it is automatically exported to your end database.

Key features

  • Accessible by web browser with no software to install/plugins to download.
  • Search for batches by unique reference number and/or scanning centre.
  • Increase productivity with operators able to view scanned images and make instant decisions on borderline characters/fields.
  • Improve efficiency and minimise keystrokes with operator automatically progressing to the next character or field needing review.
  • Enable end user monitoring and troubleshooting with operators able to review unclear characters, fields and duplicate images.
  • Enhance security by matching verified fields to database data.
  • Monitor progress and produce reports highlighting the number of images pending review, completed or escalated to supervisor.

If you want to learn more about eVerify, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.