Designed specifically to work with TeleForm, eStore provides an effective alternative to the manual filing, archiving, storage and retrieval of your paper and electronic forms.

Many electronic document image archiving systems are complex and cumbersome, requiring lengthy installations and training before you start to realise the benefits. Often, they contain features surplus to your requirements which hinder reliability.

eStore for TeleForm is a value-added solution for filing and archiving your data that is intuitive and simple to use. The system is browser-based, which makes it universally accessible and easy to use, standardising the indexing, storage and retrieval of your forms.

eStore diagram

Key features

  • Integrates seamlessly with TeleForm
  • Web browser-based interface - requires no client installation and enables remote access via the Internet
  • Thumbnail and printable report views (suitable for capturing and presenting ‘other comments’ type fields)
  • User and administrator defined results sorting
  • Utilises documented hyperlink structure for eMail distribution and integration to 3rd party products
  • Supports Microsoft Access, SQL and Oracle databases
  • Fully integrates with Windows and IIS security
  • Quick count feature for search criteria previewing
  • Print, e-mail and deletion of single or multiple records
  • Optional plugins for enhanced integration
  • CSS styling applied to interface to allow for corporate branding
  • Zoom, rotate and view reset the displayed images for clarity
  • First and Last buttons added on large result sets for faster navigation through complex record-sets
  • Duplicate check when data is edited to maintain data integrity

If you want to learn more about our archival and retrieval solutions, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.