Business rules engine

Dynamic business rules enable policies and procedures to be defined, deployed, executed, monitored and maintained to ensure the continual success of the organisation.

Our workflow solutions allow you to define simple field level rules such as:

  • Acceptable date ranges
  • Valid field formats (e.g. AXNN-NAA for post codes)
  • Pre-fill drop downs from company directory or other internal systems
  • Database lookups to check field value validity
  • Mandatory fields to allow submission
  • Hide or show sections of the form depending field values

More complex rules can be implemented within custom tasks or script to:

  • Check a credit card number is valid
  • Match a postcode to a full address
  • Perform a web call to 3rd party validation system (e.g. fraud checking or car detail lookup from registration)
  • Calculate payment due dates or interest rates based on set algorithms

Once the form data capture rules have been created, if the form is going to be part of a workflow, process business rules can be applied.

We love the simplicity of the system. The actual form has not changed much. You now complete it online. It still captures all the same information. Crucially, the quality of submitted requests has improved as certain fields are auto-filled, calculated automatically or contain rules such as a mandatory field or display a warning if certain conditions are not met. We’ve made the process tighter and more consistent

Nick Taylor, Finance Director, Millennium and Copthorne Hotels Plc

Our business process automation solutions allows for off-the-shelf or bespoke rules to be used within a process. If the same rules are used repeatedly in many processes they can be created as reusable objects within your system for simple access from any form or process. These rules could include examples such as:

  • Decide on notifications or process recipients based on relationships
  • Bespoke interactions with other lines of business applications
  • Convert process items to PDF/A files for archival
  • Execute stored procedures or queries within a SQL database

If you want to learn more about our business process management (BPM) software, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.