TeleForm training courses

At ePC, we believe the most productive way to learn is to actively engage with TeleForm. Using a well-balanced combination of theoretical and practical exercises, students will be guided through a set of logically structured course modules allowing the participants to grasp all aspects of the TeleForm software.

Each session includes TeleForm licenses, user guides and an experienced trainer.

  • Course 101: user training


    Before attending this TeleForm training course, the delegate should have a good understanding of Windows based systems.


    The objective of this course is to give the delegate a general overview of the whole TeleForm system. The delegate will learn the principles behind the system and see how each module integrates with each other. Delegates will spend time on the TeleForm Scan Station and TeleForm Reader modules to build confidence in scanning and configuring TeleForm Reader. The delegate will also learn how to correct and export data through the TeleForm Verifier.

    Course outline



    TeleForm system

    • TeleForm Designer
    • TeleForm AutoMerge Publisher
    • TeleForm Reader
    • TeleForm Verifier

    Form evaluation

    • TeleForm Scan Stations and Reader
    • Configuration
    • Creating a job
    • Batch processing
    • Single sheet processing
    • Recognition (theory)

    Exercise 1: Creating a job for batch processing

    • Form verification
    • TeleForm Verifier
    • Correction modes
    • Image management utilities
    • Process individual forms
      • Process batches
      • Perform image QC
      • Image identification
      • Perform job QC
      • Field evaluation
      • Perform correction
      • Commit the batch
    • Forwarding images
    • Verifier options
    • Security
    • Stored images

    Exercise 2: Form correction


    No dates scheduled. To book a bespoke course for your business, please contact us.

  • 102: Form design


    Before attending this TeleForm training course, the delegate should have the following:

    • A basic understanding of the TeleForm system (can be gained from course 101)
    • Previous experience of using graphics within software applications
    • A basic understanding of databases.


    The objective of this course is to provide the delegate with knowledge of designing forms to be used within the TeleForm system.

    This course explains in detail the different types of forms that can be designed within TeleForm Designer and gives a practical approach in learning the form and field attributes for TeleForm forms.

    Once basic forms have been designed, the delegate will then learn how to apply data validations to the fields on the form and then the final stage of setting up data exports to different databases.

    Other areas covered in this course are form distribution, form merging to paper, fax, eMail and Internet forms, and form testing.

    Course outline

    Day 1:


    Forms design overview

    Designing forms

    • Traditional forms
      • ID blocks
      • Graphics
      • Object groups
      • Tables
      • Data entry field properties
      • Capture zones
      • Multipage forms
      • Page linking
    • Versi forms
      • ID blocks
      • Recognition set

    Exercise 1: Designing single page form

    Exercise 2: Designing multi-page form

    Designing forms

    • Existing forms
      • ID forms
      • Form template

    Exercise 3: Template an existing form

    Day 2:

    Designing Forms

    • Data validation
      • Constraints
      • Ranges
      • Database lookup
      • Dictionaries
      • Script validation

    Exercise 4: Applying validations to forms

    • Designing Forms
      • Exporting data
        • Data Format
        • ODBC link
      • Finalising Form
        • Form activation

    Exercise 5: Exports and activating forms

    • AutoMerge Publisher
      • Form merges

    Exercise 6: Setting a scheduled print

    Exercise 7: Configuring merge to forms

    • Designing forms
      • Test procedure
        • Print & scan
        • Recognition
        • Verification
        • Exported data

    Exercise 8: Testing designed forms


    No dates scheduled. To book a bespoke course for your business, please contact us.

  • 103: Advanced form design


    Before attending TeleForm training course, the delegate should have the following:

    • A good understanding of TeleForm (can be gained from course 101)
    • Attended Course 102 – TeleForm Form Design
    • A basic understanding of databases.


    This one-day TeleForm training course aims to introduce competent TeleForm form designers to more advanced features of the TeleForm software for use in future form designs.

    This course will include a re-cap on current form design techniques and feedback from delegates on any form design issues experienced. It will also examine existing form template tips, drop-out ink forms, capture zones, image zones and variable location, detail groups, form optimisation and multi-page forms.

    An open floor at the end of the session will enable delegates to discuss any other TeleForm form design issues.

    Course outline


    Forms design re-cap

    Existing forms

    • Template tips

    Exercise 1: Existing forms

    • Drop out forms

    Exercise 2: Create a dropout ink form

    • Capture Zones
      • Overview
      • Capture zone design tools
      • Edit boxes
      • Choice lists
      • Group boxes
    • Creating capture zones
    • Capture zone attributes
    • Capture zone features
      • Database validation and completion
      • Database groups
      • Sub zones and zoom options
      • Tabbing order
      • Testing capture zones
      • Capture zones in TeleForm Verifier

    Exercise 3: Existing form with capture zones

    • Capture Zones
      • Overview
      • Document separator sheet
      • Creating capture zones
      • Navigation

    Exercise 4: Document separator sheets

    • Multi-Page Forms
      • Creating multipage forms
      • Multipage processing
      • Page links
      • Image handling options

    Exercise 5: Multi page forms

    • Image Zones
      • Standard image zones
      • Literal image zones
      • Variable location

    Exercise 6: Variable location and test

    • Groups
      • Standard
      • Data
      • Detail
      • Overview
      • Master key fields
      • Auto export options

    Exercise 7: Standard, data and detail groups

    • Form Optimisation
      • Image pre-processing
      • Field
      • Form
      • Batch

    Exercise 8: Pre-processing on forms

    • Open floor for specific subjects.


    No dates scheduled. To book a bespoke course for your business, please contact us.

  • 104: Script training


    Before attending this TeleForm training course, the delegate should have the following:

    • A good understanding of TeleForm (can be gained from course 102)
    • A good understanding of programming with Visual Basic.


    This two-day course will teach the delegate how Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) script can be used within the TeleForm system to perform different tasks including data validation and custom exports.

    The TeleForm training course begins with an overview of the TeleForm system and highlights the capabilities of VBA script, followed by a step-by-step writing process. Delegates will write TeleForm scripts and debug them with TeleForm.

    Once the delegate has an understanding of basic form scripts, other script types are detailed. These include export scripts, system scripts, custom scripts, library scripts, periodic scripts and global scripts.

    Course outline

    Day 1:

    The TeleForm process

    • Script types
    • Script capabilities
    • User interface

    Exercise 1: entry points and data flow

    • The writing process
    • Quiz 1: Script flow
    • Objects in TeleForm
    • Referencing TeleForm information

    Exercise 2: modify existing code

    • Quiz 2: script objects
    • Debugging script

    Exercise 3: Debugging script

    Day 2:

    • Export Script Overview
    • Export Sample Code

    Exercise 4: Export script

    • System Script Overview
    • Sample Code Overview

    Exercise 5: system script

    • Custom script overview

    Exercise 6: custom script

    • Library script

    Exercise 7: library script

    • Periodic script

    Exercise 8: periodic script

    • Global script
    • Fax back overview
    • Fax back basics
    • Form routing
    • Forward a form automatically
    • File access


    No dates scheduled. To book a bespoke course for your business, please contact us.



Thank you for your time over the last two days, the team found it very helpful and we are now steaming ahead with preparing our TAPs study

Jo Smith, CTU Data and Operations Manager, Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre, Keele University


Thanks again for the training days last week. I think it’s fair to say that we were expecting it to be a little dry, but I found it really enjoyable

Alana Morris, Research Administrator, University of Oxford


Some of the users (including myself) had had some TeleForm training from other companies in the past but we all felt that this training was the best we had been on

Dr Michael Carton, Surveillance and Monitoring Officer, Health Service Executive


The TeleForm training has really opened the eyes of some people here and I’m already seeing some improvements so many thanks for the work you’ve put into this

Gareth Watson, Head of Information Management, South East Wales Trials Unit (SEWTU)