Customer feedback

Customer feedback can have a significant impact on your brand, reputation and business success. It plays a vital role in measuring, managing and improving customer loyalty.

Your challenges

  • Understand customer experiences and identifying what drives customer satisfaction
  • Delivering improvements to the customer experience based on customer feedback
  • Analysing customer feedback and identifying customers - or areas of your business - with negative feedback in real-time to enable you to implement relevant policies and reduce churn
  • Generating quantifiable measures of feedback from form data without having to manually key from paper

Our solution

Our solution enables you to capture and analyse every customer feedback questionnaire to improve competitive edge, reduce churn and comply with relevant legislation.

  • Re-design or replicate your customer feedback form within our intuitive form design application
  • Batch scan paper forms - hand written characters / responses read and extracted
  • Verify data according to your process rules
  • Store data within existing systems
  • Archival of original images for retrieval - eliminate manual filing and indexing.

Key benefits

  • Our OCR/ICR/OMR data capture software allows you to simplify the collection and management of customer feedback forms with actionable insight and meaningful reporting
  • Collate customer feedback in eStore with no more manual filing
  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Improve staff productivity by automating manual data entry and allowing employees to focus on other tasks
  • Increase your understanding of business opportunities and problems

If you want to learn how data capture could help you measure customer satisfaction more effectively, please contact us.