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Secure UK document scanning services

Outsource document scanning services with our UK-based scanning bureau.

The bureau service offers organisations cost effective access to document scanning equipment and the latest forms processing software.

Designed for organisations with quick turnaround, low-frequency data capture projects, our document scanning service includes design and print of form templates, scanning, indexing, data export and reporting.

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Create ICR/OCR/OMR forms

Create ICR/OCR/OMR forms

A structured form template will be designed to capture the data you need while maintaining your corporate branding, colours, and themes. At ePC, we design base stationery containing a mix of field types e.g., machine-printed text (OCR), handwritten text (ICR), and checkboxes (OMR) to facilitate the capture of the information.

Your existing forms can be used as a style guide meaning the new layout will be like the original. However, where necessary, the form will be optimised for accurate automated recognition.

A well-designed form template consisting of various components such as constrained print fields, choice fields, cornerstones, barcodes, and ID blocks improves the processing of the scanned form, reduces manual intervention, and increases capture rates.

Form printing and distribution

Form printing and distribution

Once the base stationery has been approved, we can professionally print and securely ship the forms.

At ePC, our teams will advise on the print quality and colour usage to ensure it is appropriate for the intended use. For example, if the form is an OMR sheet for a high-stakes exam, the paper must be resilient to the use of erasers and not smudge as well as suitable for scanner use (e.g., correct drop-out colours, thick enough paper to prevent show-through, etc.).

Before distribution, form templates can be generated with variable data (e.g., pre-fill fields with personal information) or a sequential tracking number or barcode to link multi-page forms.

Scan completed forms

Scan completed forms

Once completed, all documents will be securely collected and returned to our document scanning bureau. Upon arrival, a series of QC checks are conducted in line with our ISO 9001 accreditation.

Next, the documents are converted to an electronic image. This is achieved by scanning paper forms into data capture software through a high-speed document scanner.

At this stage, the files undergo image conversion and processing to check page size and orientation, convert colour images to black and white, remove image defects, confirm barcode readability and more.

At ePC, we use a range of industrial scanners from Canon and Kodak for document scanning. They start at throughputs of 25 pages per minute up to over 120 PPM, meaning our scanning bureau can digitalise hundreds of thousands of images every month.

Extract data from form responses

Extract data from form responses

ePC will read scanned images, perform mark and character recognition, and validate extracted data.

Common-sense logic rules will be applied to the extracted data to ensure that invalid responses are not exported (e.g., impossible to tick more than one response for a single-choice question on an OMR form). Our automated data capture software can extract the following data:

  • Short handwritten text with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQ) with Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
  • Machine printed text with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • All standard barcodes including 2D data matrix
  • Images (e.g., signatures and drawings)
  • Cursive handwriting and comments

Verify invalid responses

Verify invalid responses

If human verification is required, scanned images of any field or form needing review are displayed for an operator to make instant decisions on borderline characters.

In this example, the correct answer is C but an operator is asked to decide if the marking in A means the answer should be marked as incorrect.

Export verified data

Export verified data

Once the process is complete, valid data can be exported to any required format. We can ship your original paper documents back to you or destroy them at our secure scanning bureau.

We can also output document images – and verified data – to your records management system or eStore, our web-based document management system. We can also provide an analysis of the results and commentary/observations on the whole process.


Fast turnaround

From high-stakes testing to simple questionnaires, we can deliver your scanning project, including OMR sheet design, scanning, and data export, within a matter of weeks.

High scanning capacity

ePC uses Canon and Kodak production scanners with our scanning bureau to be able to digitalise over half a million images each month.

Value for money

For low volumes or irregular projects, outsourcing document scanning services to a bureau is more cost-effective than purchasing forms processing software.

However, if you have ongoing or high-volume scanning requirements, we recommend purchasing data capture software such as TeleForm or ABBYY for on-site scanning.

Complete peace of mind

Our experts manage the whole project for you, eliminating manual data entry and allowing you to focus on more productive tasks.

Fully searchable data

Field data is intelligently extracted from scanned images and converted into searchable, metadata for archival and retrieval.

Archive forms for quick and easy retrieval

Our propriety eStore software provides indexing, storage, and retrieval of scanned images and metadata for future reference or compliance reasons.

Secure UK-based document scanning services

Our new premises include a document scanning bureau monitored 24-hours a day by alarm/CCTV systems.

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and hold Cyber Essentials certification.

Additionally, we provide solutions to the public sector through the G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework.

Eliminate paper storage

Digitalising paper forms eliminate the need for manual filing and releases valuable floor space in your organisation.

Single supplier for digital transformation

Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with our workflow automation, electronic forms, and data capture systems.

Proven track-record

With over 20 years’ experience in document capture, ePC has supplied data capture systems to NHS trusts, local councils, large commerce and more.

At the same time, we only select the best technology from OEM manufacturers including OpenText, ABBYY, Canon, and Kodak to meet your digital transformation requirements.

Reading School


Case study

Reading School release exam results faster by outsourcing OMR scanning to ePC's document scanning bureau

I would highly recommend ePC to other schools seeking a scanning bureau to provide document scanning services. Our school has saved a significant amount of time during this year’s admissions process by outsourcing both the design of the OMR sheet and exam paper scanning with results issued to pupils in record time. We have greatly appreciated the personal contact and professional service provided; it has exceeded our expectations and my colleagues speak highly of it.

A.M. Robson, Headmaster

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      Our UK-based document scanning service offers organisations access to document scanning equipment and the latest forms processing software.

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