Form data capture

Once paper based forms have been designed, printed and filled in, they need to be converted from paper to an electronic image.


Recognising that completed paper forms are often faxed to you, ePC provides systems that connect directly to your incoming fax line, eliminating the need for paper faxes. This speeds up and improves the image quality by which completed forms are entered into the system ready for data extraction.


Similarly, you can scan paper forms and surveys and export to a database. Completed paper forms that are mailed to you are scanned individually or in controlled batches for form processing. There is no need for manual sorting - the system will do it for you, saving you even more time.

If remote scanning is required, we have several options including our web-based eScan module.


You also have the option of data capture via electronic forms (i.e. HTML or PDF) completed and submitted over the Internet.

Our unique hybrid paper-electronic solution allows you to initiate a process in one media and allow the user to complete in the most appropriate to them.

eForm suite extends your TeleForm solution with the ability to create intelligent PDF and HTML forms and to process these on an equal footing with paper based documents. Data is validated on entry, encrypted, sent and automatically processed. The eForm suite also supports mobile devices with photo upload from built-in cameras.

If you want to find out more about form data capture, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.

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