Employee time tracking with timesheet automation software

Many organisations need to record staff working hours or shifts quickly and accurately, possibly with productivity metrics. Often, the simplest and most accessible method of recording this information is on paper timesheets and productivity record sheets.

Yet manually transcribing paper timesheets is a repetitive and error-prone business process. At ePC, our timesheet automation software captures and indexes data from scanned timesheets and extracts the information, ready for export to payroll, billing, and external databases.

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    For recruitment agencies

    Employees typically complete a paper timesheet containing the relevant start times, finish times and total hours worked for the week. Monitoring this time is crucial to make sure employees are recording their hours accurately for payroll, client billing and employee productivity monitoring. Once complete, the client will approve the recruitment timesheet and submit it to the agency for processing.

    In many cases, the recruitment timesheets are faxed, scanned, or eMailed to a central location. To pay the worker, the recruitment agency must manually transcribe the data into their payroll system. The process is labour intensive, time-consuming, and often lacks accuracy.

    For employee timesheet management

    Employee timesheets can be used to record timekeeping, highlight absenteeism, track bonus time, productivity and much more in a corporate environment.

    Every week, the organisation may need to track data from hundreds or thousands of employees with information arriving from different locations. Due to the potential impact on staff remuneration, the data must be collected quickly and accurately. However, the timesheets are often scanned and manually keyed at a central location or abroad. This presents several challenges:

    • Inaccurate or miscalculated hours worked entered into payroll systems leading to higher costs or disgruntled staff
    • Late or lost time sheets leading to workers being asked to recall hours worked after the event and delayed payments
    • Administrative burden associated with chasing manual timesheets, manual data entry, and correcting errors – adding hours to an employee’s week
    • Limited visibility and quality control if data entry is outsourced to an overseas company


    The solution to these challenges lies in a TeleForm-based timesheet automation system.

    The intelligent data capture software automatically captures and indexes data and images from paper timesheets and extracts the information, using handprint (ICR), machine print (OCR) and checkbox (OMR), ready for export to a database.

    Some of the benefits of timesheet automation include:

    Easy timesheet creation

    Create new timesheets and configure legacy forms with a drag-and-drop designer.

    Add clear and simple field types and embed rules/logic to timesheets for accurate data capture.

    Capture accurate data

    With automated timesheets, every line item is sanity checked for time-based math errors and overlapping time periods with daily and weekly totals cross-checked.

    This process is guaranteed for every line item on every timesheet; a validation that is impossible with manual data capture.

    Better management information

    Capture both productive and unproductive time (e.g., downtime, waiting time) from staff timesheets and confidently set contract rates for future projects

    Improve operational efficiency

    The time tracking software automates timesheet capture directly into payroll systems offering quicker time to completion from timesheet submission to payroll.

    Meanwhile, businesses can easily monitor employee performance and the number of hours worked to eliminate additional payroll costs and deliver a healthier bottom line.

    Eliminate paper storage

    Digitising records eliminates manual filing, saves money, and releases valuable floor space.

    Once digitalised, paper timesheets can be searched and retrieved for on-screen viewing within seconds.

    Automatic archival

    Once the content is verified, it can be exported into payroll software or eStore for archiving and retrieval.

    Alternatively, it can be exported to different formats including Excel, CSV, Sage, SQL, or SPSS.

    Secure deployment

    The timesheet software is installed on-premise, with no need to send confidential information to off-site scanning bureaus or processors, so it is much easier to comply with data protection laws.

    Midland Management Services


    MMS save 37.5 hours per week and reduce manual data entry by 80% with TeleForm based timesheet automation system

    In addition to recording the time that workers spend on individual tasks each day, the new timesheet now identifies unproductive time onsite, so I know how productive our teams have been over the last 12 months. It’s very powerful and helps us make decisions. ePC has helped us implement a process change as well as a new system.

    Andy Pitchford, Managing Director, MMS

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    Next Distribution

    NEXT automates weekly timesheet processing at six UK distribution centres

    Automation of the bonus timesheet has been a major step forward. In the past, it took one-person 2½ days a week to manipulate the data and manually key the information into payroll. We’ve reduced this time by almost two days already, but we anticipate further efficiencies in the next phase...

    Richard Churchill, Productivity Support Manager, Next Distribution Ltd

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    Automation of the bonus timesheet has been a major step forward. In the past, it took one-person 2½ days a week to manipulate the data and manually key the information into payroll. We’ve reduced this time by almost two days already, but we anticipate further efficiencies in the next phase.

    Richard Churchill, Productivity Support Manager, Next Distribution Ltd


    When we first spoke to ePC, the pre-sales process was low pressure and it always felt like they put our needs first. I think they actually said 500 timesheets is low volume and asked if we were sure we needed this...quite remarkable and very different to most sales teams I’ve encountered in the past.

    Andy Pitchford, Managing Director, MMS


    It’s been a pleasure working with you guys over the past few years and we are really grateful. The work you have done for us has helped shape our business into what it is today.

    Gez Quinn, Information Systems Developer, Clear Links


    It’s liberating and frees our staff to do more meaningful work rather than manual data entry all week.

    Mae Andrews, Finance Director, MMS

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