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Timesheet management software for recruitment agencies and HR departments

No sector was left untouched by the recession with the recruitment industry feeling the pinch more than most. In 2007, recruitment in the UK was a £27 billion business. Today, margin pressure and economic uncertainty have seen the sector's value eroded. As a consequence, recruiters are analysing their operating costs and looking to reduce inefficiencies.


Timesheet processing is one area where efficiencies can be improved with a typical manual process involving clients approving timesheets completed by temporary workers before submission to the agency. The agency has to type the data into their own pay-and-bill system.

These processes are labour intensive, time-consuming and often lack accuracy. For example: Do the hours tally? What happens if a timesheet is lost?


Our timesheet software provides capture and retrieval systems to UK employment agencies including Adecco, Monarch and Reed.

  • Design your timesheets within TeleForm Designer
  • Capture timesheet information from paper, fax, web or eMail
  • Ensure accuracy and highlight issues for clarification in TeleForm Verifier
  • Export and integrate with your payroll system
  • Archive and retrieve timesheets securely in eStore

Key benefits

  • Automate timesheet capture directly into pay-and-bill systems
  • Capture hand-filled paper or faxed timesheets
  • Improve accuracy of manual data entry of time calculations
  • Reduce time and resources required to capture data by up to 95%
  • Instantly accessible timesheet images; fully searchable
  • Eliminate time spent retrieving paper copies and stapling to invoices
  • Scalable to support increasing demand and business expansion

Client list

  • Midland Management Services
  • Adecco Group
  • Reed
  • Morson international
  • Monarch recruitment
  • Clearlinks

Midland Management Services

MMS save 37.5 hours per week and reduce manual data entry by 80% with TeleForm based timesheet automation system

In addition to recording the time that workers spend on individual tasks each day, the new timesheet now identifies unproductive time onsite, so I know how productive our teams have been over the last 12 months. It’s very powerful and helps us make decisions. ePC has helped us implement a process change as well as a new system.

Andy Pitchford, Managing Director, MMS

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We have saved time and streamlined our processes by implementing this impressive, simple-to-use and accountable solution.

Chris McLeod, Systems Analyst, Adecco


When we first spoke to ePC, the pre-sales process was low pressure and it always felt like they put our needs first. I think they actually said 500 timesheets is low volume and asked if we were sure we needed this...quite remarkable and very different to most sales teams I’ve encountered in the past.

Andy Pitchford, Managing Director, MMS


It’s a been a pleasure working with you guys over the past few years and we are really grateful. The work you have done for us has helped shape our business to what it is today.

Gez Quinn, Information Systems Developer, Clear Links


It’s liberating and frees our staff to do more meaningful work rather than manual data entry all week.

Mae Andrews, Finance Director, MMS

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