TeleForm Reader

TeleForm Reader runs in the background day and night, handling the collection and interpretation of images from the scanner, fax server, and/or a network directory.

Eliminating the need for manual sorting, TeleForm Reader automatically identifies and evaluates image files by comparing them to templates created in TeleForm Designer. Image pre-processing and orientation, form and document recognition and classification and data extraction are handled by the TeleForm Reader.

After identifying a form, recognition technology interprets its hand print (ICR), machine print (OCR), barcode and checkbox (OMR) data entry fields including constrained hand-print, tick boxes, variable scales, comments and signatures. Simple rules such as alpha, numeric, dictionaries, date ranges, database lookups and mandatory fields will be checked at this stage.

TeleForm-faq-constrained-print-field Automatic handwriting recognition from constrained print fields
TeleForm-faq-capture-zone Quickly capture open data such as "Other Comments:" by predictive typing, coding, image capture or manual keying.
TeleForm-faq-barcode Many industry standard bar codes can be read from scanned images including two dimensional bar codes such as PDF417.
TeleForm-faq-choice-field Read tick boxes or multiple option tick boxes in a variety of styles.
TeleForm-faq-signature Verify if a form has been signed or not.

If you want to find out more about our automatic document classification software, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.