TeleForm Verifier

At every stage of the data capture process, TeleForm validates extracted information to ensure that all content is fully verified and accurate before it is delivered into business processes and repositories.

TeleForm Verifier is the last application in the process. After the images are processed by TeleForm Reader, any batches that have fields or forms held for review are sent to TeleForm Verifier for correction before exporting.

TeleForm Verifier displays a scanned image of any form needing review with operators able to make instant decisions on borderline characters. (See figure 1).

TeleForm Verifier

Figure 1 - Is this "Lightwater" or "Lightwatek"?

You can enforce simple rules such as numeric, alpha fields, date ranges and dictionary lookups at this stage. In addition, it is possible to build complex data validations and lookups through Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications scripting interface or .NET with C# or VB in Microsoft Visual Studio. Examples include validating bank details against Experian Bank Wizard and / or addresses against the electoral register using eSearch. Once the entire form meets your pre-defined rules, it is queued for export.


ePC have developed eVerify to display scanned images of any field or form needing review. It allows operators to confirm the intended responses or correct misread characters and fields with minimal keystrokes before moving onto the next image.

If you want to find out more about TeleForm Verifier, eVerify or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.