Verify data and responses in TeleForm Verifier

At every stage of the data capture process, TeleForm validates extracted information to ensure that all content is fully verified and accurate before it is delivered into business processes and repositories.

TeleForm Verifier is the last application in the process. After the batches have been processed by TeleForm Reader, any data entry fields that were not evaluated with sufficient confidence are held for review and displayed in the Verifier module, with operators able to make instant decisions on borderline characters (see Fig. 1).


Figure 1: Is this "Jones" or "Tones"?

You can enforce simple rules such as numeric, alpha fields, date ranges and dictionary lookups at this stage. In addition, it is possible to build complex data validations and lookups through Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications scripting interface or .NET with C# or VB in Microsoft Visual Studio. Examples include validating bank details against Experian Bank Wizard and/or addresses against the electoral register using eSearch.

Confidence thresholds for the verification stage can be set on a form template basis. The typical confidence threshold for a production system is around 85% for a character to bypass human verification.

The data capture is much faster and more accurate. More often than not, forms go through without the need to review them. Any issues are usually related to the design of the form or participants not understanding the question or answering it in a way that was not intended. Many users have said the verification process is not only more accurate, it is less of a chore; they actually enjoy verifying now.

Jo Smith, Database Interface Manager, Keele CTU

To minimise keystrokes, only invalid or unrecognisable data is highlighted to an operator.

Once misread characters have been corrected and the data meets your pre-defined business rules, it can be exported or archived.


Figure 2 – TeleForm Verifier interface

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