OpenText LiquidOffice 16.4 – release notes

Written by Richard Adams on Monday, 23 April 2018. Posted in LiquidOffice

OpenText have released the latest updates to their intelligent forms automation solution LiquidOffice. The new version is OpenText LiquidOffice 16.4. The previous release from OpenText was version 16.2.

LiquidOffice 16.4 has many new features that enhance the appearance and behaviour of web forms, improve the design experience, refine the portal user experience, and provide new options to share forms with others.

The following new and enhanced feature(s) are included:

  • Web form design
  • Web form configuration
  • Attachment handling
  • Button enhancements
  • Portal updates
  • Form sharing
  • Form templates and SDK examples

Summary of new features and updates

Web form UX

Several changes have been made to provide designers improved web form appearance and behaviour. These changes also help make web form design faster and easier by providing configurable options that can replace script.

Web form configuration

  • Hide form toolbars and form border
  • Configurable button appearance
  • Enhanced dynamic page behaviour

HTML viewer enhancements

  • Include any HTML within a form
  • Define HTML to use at design time
  • Configurable border display

Form attachment handling

  • Configure list to display file attachments
  • Configure buttons to add, delete, and open

Form Design UX

New features have been added to Form Designer that provide an improved web form design experience.

Web first design

  • New standard form sizes for web and mobile forms
  • Use pixels for units
  • New grid to help with web form design

New and improved form configuration

  • Hide form toolbars, select toolbar options to display, and hide page border through configuration
  • Refreshed default form, page, and control settings

Enhanced buttons

  • New Submit, Cancel, and Select Page Actions
  • Display label only and configure font

Form design

  • New and refreshed sample and template forms

Portal UX

An important part of user experience is interaction with forms in the Portal. LiquidOffice 16.4 introduces options that enhance that user experience by providing a more seamless user interaction.

Open form options

  • Open a form within the Portal
  • Select where to open forms

Enhanced appearance and UX

  • Save and restore layout
  • Updated branding and colours

Integration and quality improvements

Share forms

  • Email form links to share with others
  • Copy form links to include within other Portals

OTDS enhancements

  • Synchronisation enhancements
  • Enhanced documentation

Platform support

  • TeleForm 16.3.1
  • Latest Content Server 16.x
  • Java 7, IE9, and IE 10 are no longer supported

Quality improvements

  • Refreshed branding and colours
  • Refreshed branding and colours
  • Technology upgrades
  • Security enhancements

For customers with a current support and maintenance contact, please contact us to find out if you are eligible for an upgrade. We can also help if you are no longer supported and wish to upgrade.

For further details, including an overview of resolved issues, please read the release notes here or contact us.

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