OpenText LiquidOffice 16.2 – release notes

Written by Richard Adams on Friday, 28 April 2017. Posted in LiquidOffice

OpenText have released the latest updates to their intelligent forms automation solution LiquidOffice. The new version is OpenText LiquidOffice 16.2.

This release of LiquidOffice is numbered 16.2 to conform with the standard OpenText release numbering approach. The previous release from OpenText was version 7.8.

This section lists the new features in the latest version.

OTDS Integration

  • Integration with OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) enables multiple user groups managed in LDAP and OTDS to access LiquidOffice simultaneously
  • Additional password complexity options

SharePoint 2016 Integration

  • LiquidOffice Forms and Documents can now easily be exported directly to SharePoint 2016
  • A new Export Connect Agent enables content to be saved to an existing or new SharePoint document folder.

Enhanced Content Server 16 Integration

  • The Export feature now enables more control over the content saved to Content Server, with new options to flatten PDFs that include forms, notes, and attachments

Platform Support

  • Windows Server 2016

For customers with a current support and maintenance contact, please contact us to find out if you are eligible for an upgrade. We can also help if you are no longer supported and wish to upgrade.

For further details, including an overview of resolved issues, please read the release notes here or contact us.

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