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eXam - distributed and central exam paper capture, processing and on-screen marking

Built around our Centre Print Scan (CPS) technology, eXam performs two main functions; paper distribution and paper capture.

The flexibility of eXam is such that whether your centres are national hubs, processing hundreds of thousands of papers, or much smaller distributed centres capturing a few hundred papers per day, we have a deployment to suit.

Eliminate shipping and print exam papers locally

Whether you need to use your existing assessment stationery or need us to design new purpose-built paper templates, we can personalise the pages with candidate details for electronic distribution direct to centres. Centres can then print locally, on normal office-class laser printers, or send to local commercial print-shops.

Either way, the ability to instantly distribute exam materials securely across the globe significantly reduces the time, cost and risk, whilst offering the robustness of papers personalised to the candidates.

Expedite exam processing with real-time reconciliation and validation

Post-exam, the venues gather the papers and simply feed them into a high-speed paper scanner using our simple-to-use eScan client.

As they go through the scanner, eScan reads page objects, such as tracking barcodes, brightness/contrast indicators and the page structure to identify the page type, the candidate and to validate that the image is of a suitable quality.

This real-time reconciliation and image validation is crucial; by using eScan, it ensures that by the time the markers see the images they are of a consistent quality and ready-linked to candidates. If a scanned image fails to meet the expected image quality, the centre will be alerted that a re-scan is necessary while the page is immediately to hand, still in the scanner.

Monitor progress with web portals

To aide both pre-and post exam activities, eXam provides a detailed web-portal to allow the centres to view upcoming sessions and to monitor scanning progress for past sessions.

This enables the centres to manage their own progress, with missing pages, duplicates or other issues immediately visible so that they can take the relevant actions.

Item-level on-screen marking

Once the scripts are captured and reconciled, they can be presented as zonal images in an on-screen marking interface, which facilitates general marking for short and long text responses by human examiners.

At ePC, we understand that every organisation is different, every assessment is tailored and each candidate is unique. There is no one-size fits all solution, so we can draw upon the components within the eXam platform to design and build a bespoke process that suits your organisation.

Key benefits

  • Computer-aided assessment reduces lead-in and lead-out times on exams
  • Increased visibility and transparency throughout the entire process for examination centres
  • Clear and concise examination scripts for candidates and invigilators
  • Personalised examination scripts reduce reconciliation errors
  • Candidate response paper reconciliation and exception handling can be managed by local centres
  • Save time capturing multiple choice and short text responses
  • Ensures adherence to marking policies
  • Reduction in clerical marking errors
  • Accurate reporting on marker quality with robust controls

Script paper design

Generation of blank and personalised exam papers incorporating fields, tick boxes, logos and graphics.

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Script paper distribution

Electronic distribution of papers and other exam materials direct to centres for download and printing.

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Script paper scanning

Electronic answer paper capture, processing and verification.

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On-screen marking

On-screen marking of long and short written responses to complement the work of human examiners.

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  • Cambridge English
  • British Council
  • Civica
  • BTL
  • University Of Northumbria

    Case studies

    • Civica


      Following a OJEU tender process, the British Council commissioned Civica as the prime contractor to deliver an on-screen marking (OSM) solution to mark up to 2.25 million ‘pen and paper’ IELTS tests each year.

      As part of the agreement, Civica appointed ePC as its sub-contractor for the script capture, processing and verification work.

    • Cambridge English

      Cambridge English

      Expert in language assessment automates paper-based assessments with OMR exam processing and on-screen marking system.

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    • Northumbria University

      Northumbria University

      Leading UK university uses TeleForm to design, scan and verify OMR answer sheets from undergraduate and postgraduate examinations.

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