Electronic forms processing with TeleForm eForm Suite

eForm Suite for TeleForm allows fillable PDF form and HTML form export from TeleForm Designer for publishing on a website for users to complete on-screen and submit electronically to TeleForm Verifier.

Alternatively, users can print a completed form for an ink signature and post the form for scanning as a paper form.

Form data is validated on entry, encrypted, submitted and processed. The process of converting paper forms to electronic forms is fully automated, transparent and secure for all parties involved. And it is truly accessible too, with full support for mobile devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Key features

Create intelligent eForms from TeleForm Designer

The eForms capability is directly integrated in TeleForm Designer and allows users to export any form template as an intelligent eForm in Adobe PDF or HTML5 format.

Validate data on user input

Data is automatically validated on input meaning interpretation and manual intervention in TeleForm Verifier is not required.

Electronic signatures

Certain processes require a legally binding signature.

eForm Suite supports all standard signature processes including digital signatures on a tablet or screen.

Capture and upload photographs

Capture photos and embed or attach them to an electronic form.

Data encryption

Protect sensitive information with secure transmission of encrypted data.

Work offline

When working offline, you can still complete forms, upload photos, and capture digital signatures.

This feature is perfect for field technicians and people working on the move with mobile devices and/or tablets. Simply save your data and the information will be transferred automatically when you are back online.

TeleForm eForm Suite is an add-on module for TeleForm created by Electric Paper. ePC is a certified reseller of TeleForm eForm Suite.

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