Knowledge views

Process Director is web-based and accessed through intuitive web workspaces for managing forms/processes and task management.

Web-based user interface for launching processes and task management

You will be assigned a bespoke web workspace tailored to your role (for example, Initiator, Approver, Manager, Administrator) where you can:

  • Initiate forms
  • View your task list
  • Find the current location of any in-progress requests
  • Search for and review historic requests

The web workspaces include a settings page for administrators to create, edit and delete user accounts for the platform.

Business activity monitoring (BAM)

Additionally, the web workspaces act as a management dashboard to display information on many aspects of the system such as numbers of requests, values, times taken etc. These dashboards are called Knowledge Views in Process Director and enable users to build flexible reports, graphs and dashboards - without the assistance of IT.

Get real-time visibility into your processes

Crucially, the dashboards provide management with real-time visibility into how in-flight processes are running. This means they can easily discover bottlenecks in the process and intervene, if needed, to keep things running smoothly.

Although Process Director supports dashboards, as well as scheduled and on-demand reporting, we understand that for many users, a simple Excel spreadsheet is often the most flexible way of accessing data. Therefore, data can be automatically exported to pre-defined Microsoft Excel templates. Forms and reports can also be saved as PDF's for offline review.

Key features

  • Real-time reporting integrated with Microsoft Excel
  • Report scheduling and distribution
  • Task Lists, identifying any actions currently assigned to a given user
  • Content Lists, offering administrators and process owners the ability to navigate through definitions or instances of running processes
  • "Items I Can Run" lists, providing end-users with a single pane listing all eForms and other objects they have permission to launch
  • Pre-configured or user-selected filters

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