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Case management is an out-of-the-box feature of Process Director enabling you to build, route and monitor human-directed case-work, containing modular items consisting of multiple forms and processes that would otherwise be hard to relate to one another.

What is case management?

Traditional BPM focuses on predictable processes that are represented by steps in a flowchart. Ever larger flowcharts with conditional branches and loops can be used to try and cover every possible scenario, but this can soon become unwieldy.

Process Director’s case management solutions allow smaller, more manageable processes to be grouped together in a modular manner. If a process is required, it is added to the case, if it is not required it will not be added. This simplifies design considerably and makes it easier for users to focus either on specific processes or cases, as their role requires. For example, one user may be tasked with repeatedly completing one specific process across all cases, so they can focus on just that one process, but another user may need to see all related processes, forms, documents and history relating to a specific case.

To achieve this, a case provides a shared context for these smaller processes as well as organising tasks and collating information, documents and messages into configurable case folders to support the successful completion of the case. Process Director makes it possible to seamlessly switch from a process orientated view to a case orientated view, depending on a user’s role.

What is a case?

A “case” could be a customer, an incident, a patient or any entity that will have multiple sub-processes linked to it.

A good example is a car insurance claim as a case.

Once you have an accident, many processes have to be completed before the claim is complete. First, the claim has to be reported, which reviews the circumstances and determines whether the claim is valid. An adjuster may inspect the vehicle and submit a report on the damage. Repair estimates may be obtained from one or more garages and the estimate approved. A temporary car may need to be hired. There may be medical claims and claims from third parties.

You could build all of these into one huge workflow, but not only would this become unmanageable, it would also be unnecessary; for example, if the car is stolen, why include processes to collect repair estimates?

Process Director’s case management functionality bundles these separate processes into a single ‘case’, that provides them all with a shared context. All information associated with the claim is saved in configurable case folders for fast access to related processes, documents, and data.

Process Timeline™ and case management solutions

Thanks to the patented Process Timeline™, Process Director is the perfect fit for case management work.

Process Director enables ‘citizen developers’ to build and deploy case management solutions that actively assess, co-ordinate and plan every aspect of a case as it happens in a context-aware environment.

Process Director supports all types of case work including:

  • Incident management, such as managing complaints or processing a car insurance claim
  • Service requests, such as customer onboarding

Case management benefits

Low-code app development

A suite of graphical tools enables ‘citizen developers’ to build forms and workflows without any programming knowledge.

Easy document management

Configurable case folders provide quick access to case-related data and documents.

Improve case resolution times

Process Director pulls together process, data, and rules to respond expeditiously to business events, working toward time-based goals.

Collaborate across departments

Workers with appropriate user permissions can manage data, tasks, events, documents, and processes in a single user interface, supporting collaboration across several departments.

Comprehensive business activity monitoring (BAM)

BPM monitoring tools, dashboards and audit trails increase visibility, support compliance and help businesses make more informed business decisions. At a glance, workers can view the case status and what (if any) remedial steps need to be taken to meet resolution deadlines.

Built on a BPM framework

The case management solution is fully integrated into the Process Director environment with no additional components to purchase.

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