OpenText release TeleForm 22.1

OpenText release TeleForm 22.1

on Monday, 17 January 2022. Posted in TeleForm

OpenText has released the latest update to their forms automation solution TeleForm. The new version is OpenText TeleForm 22.1. The previous release from OpenText was version 20.3.

In this blog, we provide an overview of the latest update.

What is TeleForm?

OpenText TeleForm is a data capture system that enables automated capture, classification, and extraction of information from paper and electronic documents and forms using document recognition technology to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry.

New updates

TeleForm 22.1 includes several new features to improve performance, recognition, quality, and platform support.

Recognition enhancements

TeleForm uses the OpenText Capture Recognition Engine (CRE) for machine print recognition and barcode recognition. This release includes a new version of CRE that provides the following enhancements in addition to many fixed issues:

  • Improved recognition quality
  • Support for new platforms

Technology updates

Several embedded technologies have been upgraded to better support new platforms and enhance security. In addition, the following updates have been made:

  • The Visual C++ 2008 runtime will no longer be installed with new installations. It should be installed independently if required for an SPSS export.
  • The Visual C++ 2010 runtime will no longer be installed with new installations. It should be installed independently if required for VBA or IDR support.
  • The Microsoft Windows .NET framework is no longer included with the installer. A supported version should be installed independently before installing TeleForm.
  • The Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 redistributable has been replaced with the 2016 version. The related sample files have also been updated to use this new engine. TeleForm installs this new database engine only if there is no old version of the access database engine already installed.

Updated documentation

Integrated help

TeleForm Help has been integrated into a new HTML based application to provide fast access to help for all modules from a single location. PDF documentation is included for additional reference.

Updated platform support

TeleForm has added support for the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022
  • Microsoft Active Directory 2022
  • TeleForm Desktop is also now supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Windows Server 2019, and Microsoft Windows Server 2022
  • OpenText RightFax 20.x and 21.x
  • OpenText LiquidOffice 21.2
  • OpenText Content Server 20.2 to 21.3
  • Web Capture Option is now supported with the Microsoft Edge browser when using Internet Explorer Mode
  • Secure LDAP (LDAPS / LDAP over SSL)


OpenText have fixed a total of four issues in this latest release, including the TF-11553 Verifier crash. Please contact us if you would like confirmation if one of your issues has been fixed.

TeleForm roadmap

TeleForm will continue to evolve as an intelligent forms automation solution that transforms how businesses collect and process information from employees and customers.

Some of the planned enhancements for 2022 and beyond include:

Technology enhancements

  • Continued improvements to recognition quality and performance
  • Enhanced barcode recognition
  • Enhanced PDF creation

Language support

  • New language recognition and localisation

Integrated solutions

  • Enhanced support for seamless intelligent forms automation solutions
  • New content management system exports

Next steps

For customers with a current support and maintenance contract, please speak to us to check if you are eligible for an upgrade. We can also help if you are no longer supported and wish to upgrade. Upgrading from a previous version of TeleForm is a simple migration that will preserve all your existing form templates, scripts, and configurations.

What new features would you like to see included in future versions? Let us know your thoughts and we will ask OpenText to consider them for future releases.