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Written by Richard Adams on Wednesday, 30 January 2019. Posted in TeleForm

OpenText have released the latest update to their forms processing solution TeleForm. The new version is OpenText TeleForm 16.5. The previous release from OpenText was version 16.3.1.

In this blog, we provide an overview of the latest update, including a jargon-busting explanation of each new feature.

What is TeleForm?

TeleForm provides a complete solution for processing paper forms. In particular, TeleForm excels where very high-volume forms processing is required.

Unlike other products, TeleForm enables the design of forms that are optimised for data capture. This is critical to ensure high recognition rates when scanning.

TeleForm provides a variety of ways to capture scanned forms and extract the data from the forms. After the data is automatically validated against back-end systems, TeleForm enables users to review and verify data is accurate and correct it if needed. Once data has been collected, TeleForm provides a variety of ways to export the data to other systems, or hand it over to LiquidOffice for further processing such as review and approval workflows.

New updates

TeleForm recognition engine updates

TeleForm 16.5 includes new OpenText technology for machine print and barcode recognition to help improve both recognition quality and performance. This new recognition engine is installed and enabled by default for both new installations and upgrades.

The new engines are always optimised for both speed and accuracy. This means the Reader optimisation settings will no longer have any effect in this and future releases of TeleForm.

Customers that want to continue using the legacy recognition engine can do so by upgrading from TeleForm 16.3.1 and following the instructions in the TeleForm recognition engine updates Readme file which is included in the installation directory at the following location:


HTTPS communication with OpenText Content Server

With the OpenText Content Server connect agent you can now use HTTPS for secure communication with the server. Note that when setting up the Content Server Web Service on IIS, there are additional steps required to make it work with HTTPS.

This means that whether you are transmitting data to a local Content Server or over an unsecure network, the data will always be secure.

PDF rendering engine updates

The PDF rendering engine has been updated to improve performance and stability.

Increased maximum exports for Auto Exports

For export connect agents, the maximum number of auto-exports that you can configure for a form or document has been increased from 16 to 64.

For those with long memories, you may recall that TeleForm V5 only allowed two exports (primary and secondary). The expansion to 64 exports means you will be able to configure even the most complex export scenarios without any problems.

Updated documentation

The following documentation has been improved to make it easier to find and understand:

  • OpenText TeleForm Administration Guide
  • OpenText TeleForm Getting Started Guide
  • OpenText TeleForm User Guide
  • OpenText TeleForm Enterprise Best Practices Guide
  • OpenText TeleForm Intelligent Document Recognition Designer Online Help

A number of other minor enhancements, including support for OpenText RightFax 16 have been added to TeleForm. Meanwhile, ePC can still provide our ZetaFax integration module now official support has been discontinued. Please refer to the release notes here.

What’s next for TeleForm?

Future releases will continue to include enhancements that make it easy to deliver rich form templates to collect information, and provide powerful form processing capabilities.

In 2019, TeleForm will include technology enhancements that further improve recognition quality and performance, add support for new barcode types, and include support for new languages.

For customers with a current support and maintenance contact, please contact us to find out if you are eligible for an upgrade. We can also help if you are no longer supported and wish to upgrade.

What new features would you like to see included in future versions? Let us know your thoughts and we will ask OpenText to consider them for future releases.

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