BP Logix launch AI-enabled Process Director v5.0

Written by Richard Adams on Monday, 27 August 2018. Posted in Process Director, BP Logix

BP Logix recently announced Process Director v5.0, an AI-enabled, low-code/no-code BPM and case management platform that empowers business users to easily develop, deploy, and enhance critical digital applications.

We've spent the last few weeks reviewing the latest version and found it comes packed with new features and improvements.

What’s new in Process Director v5.0?

New tools include:

  • Machine learning and AI for predictive analytics and proactive application behaviours.
  • The ability to capture and express disparate events and conditions as a single state.
  • A powerful new online electronic forms builder to complement the existing Microsoft Word and Visual Studio builders.
  • Integration with Google sentiment for automatic analysis of user-entered text and comments.

Other improvements include:

  • UI enhancements such as auto-complete search fields, a more powerful inline text editor, calendar view and knowledge views.
  • The ability to employ out-of-the-box application, data and protocol connectors, including SharePoint 365, Exchange and Laserfiche.
  • Implementation of robust and comprehensive security and compliance at every level.

Addressing BPM’s machine learning gap

Process Director already enables users to automate their business processes in a point-and-click environment with no programming skills required. The next step for BP Logix was to make the product smarter and enable predictive analysis.

Leveraging a sophisticated suite of AI and machine learning tools, including Google Sentiment, Process Director v5.0 allows you to gauge the sentiment of a text string, page or user input to determine whether someone is happy or unhappy and make appropriate operational improvements.

Few business process management software (BPMS) tools offer AI-enabled machine learning capabilities. With v5.0, BP Logix and Process Director have started to address BPM’s machine learning gap.

At ePC, we create customised business process management (BPM) solutions on top of Process Director. BP Logix’s commitment to product development and accelerating business transformation continues to take our customers to new heights.

Alan Ingram, Technical Director, ePartner Consulting Ltd

Stay up-to-date with milestones

New in v5.0, Milestones allow you to keep track of business related events. These events are not part of the process but inform key stakeholders or other interested parties about what is going on or when a specific point in the process has been reached.

They enable users to record both form and process milestones. To create a milestone, the user simply navigates to either the form or process definition and selects the relevant trigger. From ‘Step Reached’ to ‘Condition Met’, a variety of triggers exist. For example, you may select the ‘Attachment Added’ trigger to inform your business analyst that an Excel spreadsheet is available for analysis.

Process Director v5.0 is available now on-premise and in the Cloud.

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