Script paper distribution

Our online marking software acts as a front-end to the printing and scanning process for examination centres.

Blank or personalised OCR/ICR/OMR exam papers are accessible through the portal and grouped by examination and/or candidate ready for downloading and printing by the centres.

How it works

Upon logon, users are presented with three main sections:

  • Papers - download personalised PDF exam papers allocated to the centre
  • Scanning - use eScan to scan and upload examination scripts
  • Assessments - view scanned candidate scripts on-screen and review/reconcile issues or missing exam papers

Centres can download paper packs or reprint individual candidates’ exam papers. This is typically used when paper copies have either been lost or damaged prior to the exam taking place. The download page provides session, description, create date and status information about each PDF. Guidance on printing exam papers is provided in addition to instructions for completing exam papers to candidates, invigilators and interlocutors.

Performing much of the reconciliation work to help expedite script processing, the portal improves efficiency as the centres handle exceptions directly.

Key features

  • Secure, worldwide centre login
  • Display the exams available for each centre and candidates registered for each exam
  • Ability to request last minute amendments and regeneration of PDF packs
  • Real-time candidate status (entered, paper printed, scanned, marked)
  • Search and display scanned papers for each candidate
  • Highlight non-reconciled pages and outstanding issues for the centre
  • Availability of test pages to assist the calibration of printer and scanner settings
  • Simple interface to allow centres to advise of any absentees

  • Examination portal - home
    Examination portal - home
  • Examination portal - printing new forms
    Examination portal - printing new forms
  • Examination portal - printing active sessions
    Examination portal - printing active sessions
  • Examination portal - scanning active sessions
    Examination portal - scanning active sessions
  • Examination portal - scanning active sessions
    Examination portal - scanning active sessions

Key benefits

  • Reduced lead-in time on exams from weeks to days by enabling centres to print personalised papers locally
  • Eliminate the time consuming exercise of collating and transporting materials to centres
  • Remove risk of lost scripts in transit

If you would like to discuss our electronic marking system, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.

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