TeleForm versions

TeleForm is purpose-built for high volume, enterprise applications where scalability, accuracy, security, and compliance are critical to the business.

Whether automating your document-driven processes in a single department or across your entire organisation, TeleForm is suited to all levels of throughput from a few hundred pages up to 100,000+ pages per day. It comes in three editions; single-user Desktop, multi-user Workgroup and large-scale Enterprise.

You can upgrade to the next tier at any time if your throughput increases or when extra features are required. To upgrade, you simply pay the difference in license cost.

TeleForm Desktop

TeleForm Desktop is the single user version of the software. Installed and accessible from one PC, it is suitable for up to a few thousand pages per day and is aimed at small business and limited use environments. With the Desktop tier, you are limited to a single machine and a single instance of each module. There is no multi-user capability.

TeleForm Workgroup

Workgroup is the multi-user version of the software. It allows each TeleForm module to run on any workstation in your local area network but crucially they launch from a central repository of form templates, scanned forms and data. There are additional remote web scanning options available and it is possible to run the Verifier over a wide-area network via a virtual desktop system.

Workgroup improves flexibility of access with users able to use the software from their own PCs. It also immediately doubles throughput as one user can scan while a second verifies. Additional concurrent licenses can be added for each of the modules, up to a total of 20 modules to increase throughput to over 100,000 forms per day. The server centric architecture improves backup, fault tolerance and access as templates, documents and data are stored centrally and can be retrieved from any PC.

TeleForm Enterprise

In addition to the multi-user approach of TeleForm Workgroup, the Enterprise version offers unlimited scaling and the ability to process over 100,000 documents everyday. It also adds enterprise features including:

  • Clustered file and SQL support for fault tolerance and Disaster Recovery
  • Reader and AMP can run as system services on a server
  • Support for more than 20 client workstations
  • Includes five user Web Capture module for scanning via the web
  • LDAP and Windows Active Directory (AD) authentication for single sign-on security
  • Customisable audit reporting (e.g. for SOX or CFR21 Part 11 compliance)

If you want to find out more about TeleForm software, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.