AutoMerge Publisher (AMP)

When creating forms, it is often required that you pre-fill them with some data. Perhaps the recipient's name, address or maybe a tracking barcode. Fortunately, AutoMerge Publisher is ready to help.

If you simply need to merge a sequential tracking number or barcode on to a form, possibly as a way of linking the pages of a multi-page form back together, you can simply tell AMP how many copies to print and each will come out with the field filled with a sequential number.

For more complex requirements such as merging multiple fields (i.e. names, address, images or any other field types) onto the form, you can also link the form to a database. The data can be within any ODBC compliant database (such as Access, Microsoft SQL, Oracle etc.) or simply an Excel or CSV file. When a new record is added to the data, AMP will automatically print a pre-filled form containing that data.

If you want to learn more about AutoMerge Publisher, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.