AutoMerge Publisher (AMP)

When creating forms, it is often required that you pre-fill them with some data. Perhaps the recipient's name, address or maybe a tracking barcode. Fortunately, AutoMerge Publisher is ready to help.

If you simply need to merge a sequential tracking number or barcode on to a form, possibly as a way of linking the pages of a multi-page form back together, you can simply tell AMP how many copies to print and each will come out with the field filled with a sequential number.

We have saved time and streamlined our processes by implementing this impressive, simple-to-use and accountable solution

Chris McLeod, Systems Analyst, Adecco Group

For more complex requirements such as merging multiple fields (i.e. names, address, images or any other field types) onto the form, you can also link the form to a database. The data can be within any ODBC compliant database (such as Access, Microsoft SQL, Oracle etc.) or simply an Excel or CSV file. When a new record is added to the data, AMP will automatically print a pre-filled form containing that data.

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OpenText release TeleForm 16.5.1

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