Intelligent forms automation


eCapture is a hybrid paper and electronic data capture, workflow and archival platform designed to collect data from your end-users in a convenient way and manage the onward processing of information within a scalable and secure platform.

eCapture enables organisations to:

  • effectively collect data using paper and electronic forms from employees, customers, supplier, patients, members of the public etc.
  • Intelligently extract handwritten data and combine with electronic data for validation checks and onward processing
  • automate review and routing of information
  • export form data into business systems and repositories for immediate access
  • archive paper form images, electronic data and all audit trail information for future retrieval
How it works

Design and create forms

Build paper forms in TeleForm Designer containing constrained print fields, barcodes, choice fields and images or signatures. Add ID blocks, cornerstones and brightness bars to improve the processing of the scanned form via an intuitive interface.

If you want to create eForms, eCapture utilises the eForms Designer in LiquidOffice to provide a web-based solution for creating and deploying electronic forms to internal and external users online. It allows you to:

  • design forms and model processes with drag-and-drop tools
  • add intelligence to forms such as validations, lookups, auto-fill fields etc.
  • access forms from desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • review, digitally sign and approve forms

Capture returned paper forms

Once the paper forms have been filled in, they are scanned and converted into digital files using our propriety eScan software.

Launched in a web browser, it provides scanning, reconciliation, image quality control and transmission of the scanned forms back to the TeleForm data extraction engine.

Evaluate returned paper forms

Once scanning is complete, the images are uploaded to TeleForm Reader for image processing, classification and data extraction.

After identifying a form, hand print (ICR), machine print (OCR), checkbox (OMR), barcode and other recognition technologies extract/interpret information from forms and documents.

Simple rules such as alpha, numeric, dictionaries, date ranges, database lookups and mandatory fields will be checked at this stage with exceptions queued for human review.

Verify returned forms

If human verification is required, you can use either TeleForm’s built-in Verifier or logon to our proprietary web-based eVerify system which displays scanned images of any field or form needing review, with operators able to make instant decisions on borderline characters.

Operators can confirm the intended responses or correct misread characters and fields with minimal keystrokes before moving onto the next image, reviewing only data that is unclear or fails to meet your pre-defined rules.

Automate forms processing

At this stage, verified data from paper forms can be fed into LiquidOffice for routing, tracking and approval.

Powered by the Process Design Studio in LiquidOffice, eCapture automatically manages the corresponding routing, tracking, and approval of the submitted paper and electronic forms.

Store form data

Once the process is complete, each form image – and all verified data - is exported into your chosen database. eCapture natively supports most common database types (Excel, Access, SPSS, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, CSV, XML etc.) but also has the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems via a powerful API.

Additionally, verified images and data are exported to our propriety eStore web-based archival system which provides indexing, storage and retrieval of paper and electronic forms.


Built with OpenText TeleForm and LiquidOffice

As a member of the OpenText OEM Partner Program, ePC seamlessly embed OpenText intelligent forms automation solutions including TeleForm and LiquidOffice into their propriety software applications including eCapture.

OpenText TeleForm

TeleForm is an intelligent forms automation solution which captures and classifies data from paper forms and electronic documents and extracts the information, using OCR/ICR/OMR document recognition technology, ready for export to a database.

It aims to reduce manual data entry time by up to 95% and eliminate hundreds of operator keystrokes.

Read more

OpenText LiquidOffice

LiquidOffice is a business process management solution for creating, deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes for electronic forms and documents.

It encompasses the entire business process management lifecycle, from process design and workflow simulation to deployment and optimisation.

Read more

Migrate from paper to web collection
eCapture leverages OpenText™ TeleForm and LiquidOffice to seamlessly offer a single platform for hybrid paper and electronic capture.
FDA 21 CFR part 11
TeleForm and LiquidOffice can be used as part of a FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant system and allow users to capture data from either paper and/or electronic clinical forms, streamline the clinical trials process and increase clinical efficiencies.
Add attachments, pictures and comments
Add attachments of any format (XLS, JPG, DOC etc.) as well as time stamped comments to your electronic forms.
No coding
Build your electronic form using an intuitive point-and-click UI.
Replicate your paper form
Re-create your existing paper-based form with text or tick-box fields and add logos, fonts and colours.
Electronic signatures
Add an electronic signature each and every time a participant submits a form.
eMail notifications
Alert users when tasks are assigned to them and notify, escalate and reassign the task if timely action isn't taken.
Improve productivity
Allow your employees to focus on value-adding tasks rather than time-consuming document sorting and data entry.
Reduce costs
Save up to 80 percent in individual departments or across the organisation by eliminating manual document sorting and data entry.
Efficiently collect information
Capture data from MFPs, scanners, fax, eMail, web, computers, tablets and smartphones.
Improve accuracy and lower risk
Validate captured data against pre-defined rules, lookups and sanity checks, ensuring all your data meets consistent quality standards.
Reduce errors
Reduce errors from manual data entry by extracting data from forms using OCR, ICR, OMR and barcode recognition.
Minimise GRC concerns
Once content is verified, it is exported into business repositories or third-party storage systems for archiving. You also have complete control over the routing process.
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